Benefits of Vastu
  • Plot should be preferably be perfect square.
  • Institutions offices shall be at South-East and its doors should open towards East side.
  • Laboratory should be at Western side.
  • Library should be at Western side.
  • Closets containing stationery should be kept in the South or West.
  • The construction of the building should be in the South-West or South portion of the plot.
  • If possible there should be no beams and cross beams in the classrooms. This will create unwanted magnetic fields due to which intelligence of the students will be affected. The entrance of the classrooms should be in the East, North or North-East but it should never be in the South-West corner.
  • The laboratory should be located in the West with entry from the East.
  • Restrooms, bathrooms should be in the West or North-West.
  • The flooring slope should be towards the East.
  • Dead stock should be in the South-West or West.
  • Open playing ground should be in the North or East.
  • Roads should be on Eastern or Western side.
  • Classrooms doors should open towards East, North-East or North side.
  • Water storage tank should be towards North-East corner.
  • The entire plot corners should be at 90-degree angle.
  • Main entry should be from the East or North-East. It should never be in the South or South-West corners.
  • Classrooms should be square or rectangle with 1:2 proportions.
  • Staircases should be made in the North-West, West, South-West, South or South-East of the building.
  • Storeroom should be in the North-West.
  • Underground water reservoir/swimming pool should be in the North-East or North.
  • The Principal’s cabin should be in the South-West, West or South-East. The door should be in the East or North-East to the cabin.
  • Conference Hall should be in the North with entrance towards the East side.
  • The table for admissions and cash counter should be arranged in the office facing towards North.

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