Vastu for Love / Happy Married Life

Vastu for Love / Happy Married Life

Keep bedroom in the South-West of the house.

Avoid bedroom in South-East as this is a fire place. It may lead to the clashesbetween the couple.

Place bed in the South-West portion of the bedroom.

Avoid placing bed in Northern and Eastern zone of the bedroom as it may cause mental stress and financial instability.

Keep head-side of the bed in South direction.

Use wooden bed instead of metal bed.

Always build square or rectangular bedrooms to bring peace and love in life.

Many-a-times there occurs friction between family members. This is mainly because of the positioning of the gas stove/cooking range and sink. While the gas stove represents ‘fire’, the sink stands for ‘water’. If fire element and water element are wrongly placed, relations in a family are affected.

Sharp objects such as knife and scissors should be covered. Openly placed knife and scissors creates sourness in relations.

Newly married and the couples aspiring for children should never sleep in a North-East room. The strong magnetic energies act as a barrier. Also, make sure that the room does not have any sharp colors or objects. A water reservoir/swimming pool in the South-West direction should be avoided.

Mirrors are a strict no-no for bedroom. In addition, computers and TV are not advisable to be in the room. However, if you have TV and computer in bedroom, cover them with a cloth while sleeping in the night.

The foot of the bed should not directly face the door. Never place your bed between twodoors.

The door of the attached restroom must be kept shut and restroom seat cover should be kept down, when not in use.

Paint your walls light green, light rose or blue color, to give your bedroom a soothing effect. Avoid red color in the bedroom. Hang pictures depicting ocean in your room.

Spread white or light colored sheets, with flowery designs on it. For people looking forward to get married, pink or red colored sheets are favorable.

Wearing red color brings back the lost love in your life and stimulates the sexual life as well.

Increase the amount of light entering the house. Keep your house well lit, until and unless you are ready to go off for sleep, for a thrilling love life.

Decorate your house with beautiful crystals items. Crystal helps attract light and illuminates your relationship as well.

For maintaining a prosperous love life, make sure that there is no ‘single’ identity decoration piece in the room, such as a single duck or a single butterfly. Keep them in two’s, symbolic of a couple.

To add romance to your love life, do not clutter your surroundings with unnecessary items. For a good healthy relationship, special attention should be paid to remove the clutter, as they restrict the flow of love.

The idols of your deity should not be placed in the bedroom. They are best kept in theprayer room.

Positive energy flows when you keep such objects and furniture in your room, which symbolize love. For instance, you can keep a heart-shaped clock or a red colored couch in your room.

A dusty object means dust on the relationship as well. Therefore, keep your bedroomclear of dust and dirt.

Always keep fresh flowers in the room. You can also keep fruits like pomegranates, which are a symbol of fertility, in the room.

For couples facing marital disharmony, using a double bed, with a ‘single’ mattress, is a good option. Too many mattresses increase the chances of conflicts and arguments. You can even stitch up the seams of two mattresses, to make them appear as one.

Always keep the most romantic area of your house attractive, say by using candles, flowers, etc.

The door of the attached toilet/restroom must be kept shut and the toilet seat cover should be kept down, when not in use.

Try and surround yourself with magnificent love colors, like orange, purple, red and pink.

You can also keep fruits like pomegranates, which are a symbol of fertility, in the room.