Benefits of Vastu

Direction of the plot

  • Plot facing East is good for scholars, philosophers, priests, professors, teachers etc.
  • Plot facing North is good for those in power, administration and those who work for government.
  • Plot facing South is good for business class and for those who work in business organization.
  • Plot facing West is for those who provide supporting services to the society.

Environment or surroundings of the plot

This is also very important. If the surroundings are not good, we suffer in many ways.

  • Plots that are fertile with plants and greeneries are very good.
  • A river or big canal in North side and if the water flows from West to East, it is good.
  • Similarly if the canal is on East side of the plot with water flowing from South to North, that is also good.
  • Plots with rivers or canal flowing on West or South side of the plot should be avoided.
  • Hills, hillocks, mounds of Earth, big boulders etc on the Southern, South- West and Western sides of the plot are good: in other sides, it may hamper the progress.
  • There should be no graveyard, cemetery or tomb adjacent to the plot or in the front or back.
  • Location of a public place of worship near the plot also affects the inmates. Such a place on the right side of a plot can cause material loss, on left may bring grief and sorrow, in the front can obstruct progress and if they are 100 feet apart, those disastrous results are minimized.
  • Similarly avoid having plot near to Cinema-theatres, schools and colleges.

Obstruction in front of the main gate of the plot

If the types of obstructions listed below exist facing the main gate of the plot, various problems may arise as per ‘BRAHU SANHITHA’.

  • Big Tree: Obstruction to the progress of children.
  • Gutter or Ditch: Grief.
  • Pointing corner of another building: Mental unrest.
  • Water Drainage: Draining of income due to unexpected expenses.
  • Straight Street: Affects longevity of inmates.
  • Dilapidated House or Walls: Affect prosperity.
  • Staircase Railings: May cause sadness.
  • Pillars, Electric and Telephone Post: Affect females.

Surroundings & Neighbors

The surroundings of our neighboring houses on all sides also affect us.

  • High-rise tall buildings should not be there In the North East side of the plot because they may cause mental unrest. However, if they are located in South, South-West or Western sides then it will be auspicious to the buyer of the new plot or house.
  • Do not purchase a smaller plot in between two neighboring big plots. Similarly, do not buy a smaller house, which exists between two tall buildings. This may make the buyer poorer day by day.

Checking up materials/soil type

That comes up while doing excavation for construction. Different types of soils have different effects on the inhabitants.

Getting rid of ‘shalya dosh’ (soil deficiency)

If the soil is found defective, it must be purified or cleansed before starting any construction in the plot. ‘Shastras’ have laid many ways for getting rid of ‘SHALYA DOSH’.

Size and shape of the plot

Bigger the size, better it is. Plots are of different shapes and sizes and they affect the inmates in different ways, for example:

  • Square (all corners straight and at 90°) shaped is very auspicious, brings health, wealth and happiness.
  • Rectangular Shaped is good and auspicious. Brings all round prosperity.
  • Circular Shaped is good for constructing circular shaped buildings only
  • Wheel Shaped plot owner may lose financial status and face poverty.
  • Odd Shaped (irregular shaped) plot can cause all types or problems and poverty.
  • Triangular Shaped plot can affect progress and cause problems from government.
  • Pentagonal plot (‘Panch Mukhi’): Such plot should not be inhabited before making it a rectangular plot otherwise; it will bring legal litigations and false allegations.
  • Octagonal (‘Astha-Kon’) plot: Is auspicious and will bring all round prosperity.
  • ‘Gaumukhi’ (Cow Faced) like a cow face narrow in front: Auspicious if the roads are there in Southern and Western sides of plot.

Projections, retractions and closing of corners

Plots are always not available in the shape of perfect square, rectangular or quadrangle. Projections means an additional space which when subtracted from the plot, makes it a regular square or rectangle. While retraction means an additional space which when added to the plot, makes it a regular square or rectangle.

General vastu tips for plots

  • Plot should be square of rectangular. Square would be best. If it is rectangle then the ratio of length to breadth should be 1:2 and not more than that.
  • The ground level should be higher in South & West rather than North and East.
  • Plots facing North or East are better than those facing South or West.
  • A canal, a lake, river, drainage, a pond should be in North or East only.
  • Heavy construction or mountains should be in West or South of the plot.
  • There should not be any big tree in North or East of the plot.
  • There should not be any pit or well in South or West direction.
  • All four corners should be at 90 degree angles. If only North-East is extended i.e. if it is less than 90 degree, it will do.
  • All rainwater should flow from South to North and West to East.
  • South-West should be highest &North-East should be lowest in level.
  • If all the corners are not at 90 degrees angle then we should correct it before starting the construction.
  • If the dead end of a road is coming in the plot then it should be taken care of because some are good & some are bad. This is called ‘Vidhi Shoola’.
  • There should not be hills or mountains in East or North side of your plot.

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