• Narendra Mehta
    Dr.Rewa Kumar is Professional Vastu expert with PHD in vastu shashtra(very few in this field of Vastu). Her in depth knowledge, positive approach brings prosperity, growth and productivity in business and positive change in your life, family and at home. People like her positive approach and work ethics and wonderful person. She was publicity Honor and awarded for her outstanding commitment to community.

    Narendra Mehta

  • Sarbjeet Sokhi
    Dr Rewa Kumar is very knowledgeable in Vastu. Using the power of Vastu she has helped several families in their homes & business. She is very dignified, courteous and serves the community with utmost care.

    Sarbjeet Sokhi

  • Hardit Chaudhary
    Dr Rewa Kumar is an exceptional Professional with God Gifted Divine powers to create ,grow and spread Joy,Happiness ,Prosperity and Love in your life at Home,Business,Community through the application of her scientific Knowledge of Indian Science of Vaastu. with her Power of Positive Intention and Deep Knowledge of Vaastu and Energy healing Dr Rewa Kumar applies the knowledge to correct the energy flow at your home,businesses. The direct positive impact of this is to create a strong positive change in your life , relationships and resulting in Increase in your Happiness and Productivity and flow of abundance of Positive energy. Dr Rewa Kumar is a wonderful Philanthropist and has contributed to numerous causes and Non Profits. Dr Rewa Kumar is highly efficient and dedicated in her Professional and Community work. I would strongly recommend Dr Rewa Kumar for Vaastu Consulting at your Business or home. You will Surely see wonderful Positive change in your life,career,Job and Business.

    Hardit Chaudhary

  • Jagruti Shah
    Rewa Kumar is extra ordinary professional serving the community to live in harmony. She has in depth knowledge of Vastu and she has helped lots of families globally to live quality life. She is easy to work with and very approachable. She is always focused on client's success.

    Jagruti Shah

  • Girish Sheth
    Vastu is a science based on reality, not fiction. Knowledge of Vastu principles can significantly influence the way of living and thinking. Eventually, it makes life more gratifying and enjoyable. Our personal experience with a knowledgeable Vastu Guru Dr. Rewa Kumar has transformed our lives in an incredibly positive direction.

    Girish Sheth

  • Ravinder, Varinder and Gurjot
    Hello our Most Respected Dr. Rewa Kumar Ji, We are wishing you a very happy birthday. May God continue to bless the work of your hands and grant you continued to favor in your long healthy life. God bless you millions of times so we could see you around us all the times. We are all very thankful to you and Ritesh Ji, who gave me your moral support when Ravi was sick in the hospital and I was going through upheaval period of time. You uplift my spirt and encouraged to elevate my self-esteem with your true prayers and blessings. Your prayer and blessings worked miracle for him, he came home the same day from the hospital even Doc. said he won't go home until 3 days, we are so blessed to have you in our life. You both are angels and disguised of half of God's kindness, compassion and affection brings lots of positivity and sunshine in our life with your incredible Divine Vastu tools and divine intervention. You both have immaculate soul and earnest intentions. Thanks for giving me the privilege to all you mom and your motherly love. It means so much to me. Thank You. The Divine Vastu tool you gave to Ravinder Ji for his work giving him lots a positivity. You both are the best. God bless you and your family. You are so special for us. With lots of respect and wishes.

    Ravinder, Varinder and Gurjot