Benefits of Vastu
  • A residential office should not be located next to a bedroom.
  • Do not sit cross-legged at your workplace.
  • While you are in a conference room, negotiating with your business colleagues, try to be seated farthest from the main door of the chamber.
  • Overhead beams are considered inauspicious and should be avoided.
  • Wooden desks are the most profitable of all. Go for a glass-topped desk if your office is in the West direction.
  • Keep plants in the South-East corner of your office, as it promotes financial growth.
  • Quartz crystals in your office are good for a smooth career and also bring in more opportunities.
  • Face the North when you work, for boosting concentration.
  • Light, in the Southern corner of your table, ensures good business. It is mandatory to keep your office well-lit.
  • Keep the computers, the telephones and other electronic items in the South-East corner and make sure that the wires are not visible.
  • Different professionals have different styles of offices. If you are a writer, an artist or a research scholar, an ideal location for your office would be along the back wall of the office. Such an office should not have a direct and immediate contact with the main entrance.
  • The offices of government officials and heads of corporate houses should be located far from the main entrance. An office that is protected from interrupting visitors flourishes.
  • Avoid pointed edges of tables at business meetings.
  • At your work place, do not sit with your back exposed to the entrance. Go for a chair with a high back and an armrest that provides balance as well as support.
  • Oval-shaped, L-shaped or U-shaped desks are not favorable for growth in career. Keep smooth rectangular desks in your office.
  • Keep a vase of fresh flowers on the East side of your desk. Make sure to have a few buds in the flower arrangement, as they represent emergence of new life. On the other hand, wilting petals signify gradual demise. So, keep changing the flowers in your vase, replacing the stale flowers with fresh ones.

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