‘FACTS and FICTIONS’ behind Instruments used for Energy Vastu, Geopathic Stress Corrections and Aura Readings etc.

02 Apr

‘FACTS and FICTIONS’ behind Instruments used for Energy Vastu, Geopathic Stress Corrections and Aura Readings etc.

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Have you ever wondered about ‘tall claims’ made by some Vastu Experts/ Aura readers etc. that with any one instrument they can ‘scientifically diagnose’ so many things which are troubling you in your life related to your health, wealth or relationship issues. They sometimes collect your DNA sample through your saliva, blood, finger print, urine, root of the hair, sweat and sometimes with a photograph etc. and pretend to carry out the ‘Mission Miracle’ with the ‘Magic Wand’ to ‘HEAL and DEAL with one and sundry problems of your life forever’.
Some of the ‘claims’ are enumerated below:
  • Vedic Sciences like Astrology:  Finding right kind of Gems and ‘Rashi’ Stones.
  • Know the Suitability and Energy Field of Gems, Crystals, ‘Yantra’, ‘Tantra’, Water, Food, Medicine, Plants, Living and Non-living Things.
  • Vastu Shastra: Identification of Positive and Negative Energy of building and structures.
  • Geopathic Stress of dwelling structures or Sick Building Syndrome: to detect what brings you bad luck or health, be it Geopathic Stress or any other Negative Energy.
  • See effects of environment, Vastu and Bad Energy levels.
  • See Vastu ‘Doshas’/ ‘Feng Shui Defects’ in your Home, Office and Factory.
  • See the results of Vastu Corrections.
  • Aura Scanning of a person to identify positive and negative energies and balancing Seven ‘Chakras’ of a human body. See the status of your Seven ‘Chakras’ (Glands) and balancing of all seven colors in the ‘Chakras’.
  • See the root cause of your diseases.
  • See the stressful Organs/ Parts in your body.
  • Know the potential diseases in your body.
  • Know under-active and healthy organs in your body.
  • Ayurveda: See the effects of ‘Vaatt’, ‘Kapha’ and ‘Pitta’ in your body.
  • Know the Acid and Alkaline balance in your body.
  • See the energy depletion (Leakage).
  • Know the vital force (Body Energy Level).
  • Medical Science: Identifying suitable medicine. See the immediate effect of any treatment.
  • Match making for marriage.
  • Business Partnership suitability testing.
  • Recovering the lost articles.
  • Water, Oil, mineral, Diamond Gold exploration.
Some of the Instruments generally used by the ‘So-Called’ Vastu Experts:
Some instruments used by Vastu Experts now-a-days can generally be identified as Universal Scanner/ Vastu AURA ENERGY AND UNIVERSAL THERMO SCANNER/or COSMIC E-SCANNER or Universal Thermo scanner or UT- Scanner/ VEDIC AURA SCANNER and Lecher Antenna etc. They also use EMF Meters to check various electro-magnetic fields present in the area before and after corrective methods used by them.
Universal Scanner/ AURA ENERGY AND UNIVERSAL THERMO SCANNER/ Aura Meter/ COSMIC E-SCANNER or Universal Thermo scanner or UT-Scanner/ VEDIC AURA SCANNER
The Universal Scanner is claimed to produce a particular frequency, which is energized with nine volts battery with built in ‘sensors’. The whole instrument is mounted on L-shaped structure, moving on a set of bearings held in both hands as shown in the figure. There is a yoke having four poles at the edge of the instrument. There is a space provided for sample box, which can be inserted into the instrument. This gadget ‘claims’ to measure and quantify the aura energy of solids, liquids, gases, instantly
The Lecher Antenna
It is claimed that with the use of the lecher antenna, as shown in the figure below, the intensity of rays of a place, plant or object can be measured. One of the scales that can be used to have an idea of ‘how much’ or ‘how high’ the ‘vibration’/ ‘wavelength’ is, by using a ‘Calibrated Metric Scale’.


Some BIG QUESTION MARKS about such Instruments:
If such miraculous gadgets exist then there is no need for the entire scientific research going all around the world in eradicating human sufferings due to incurable diseases, different scarcities and unending disharmony. Then the world will become a heaven to live, by using these instruments. Why the highest NOBEL PRIZE has not yet been awarded for such inventions? Let’s examine certain factual informations before making a decision about their veracity.
  1. While operating these instruments, there are multiple sources of electro-magnetic interferences from the surrounding objects emitting electro-magnetic field. In a dwelling unit it can be different electronic gadgets, electric wirings, microwaves etc. All such disturbances are ignored blissfully by the operating person giving results only for the subject under testing.Surprisingly, the instrument ‘knows’ the innermost thoughts and feelings of the user and ‘give readings/answers’ correctly all the times, ‘obeying’ all the ‘directions’ of the user. Think about such ‘out of the world’ experiences!
  2. There are no scientifically proved research papers and data to back up the tall claims made by the manufacturers and users of these instruments.
  3. Just blind fold the person who is holding the instrument and test. You can see different test results and multiple inferences, making them unreliable and a mockery in itself.
  4. Different users will come out with different results and observations, as per their personal perceptions.
  5. If the instrument is fixed on any stand and test a building, structure or a human being, it will not show any movement. IT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. The simple reason is that the person holding it is responsible for the movement of the instrument. (None of the manufacturers has answer to this question and any person can call them after finding their contact numbers through internet to verify this fact. They even offer ‘free special training to operate these instruments’ at the time of the purchase to promote their products.)

How such tall claims are made and what is the reason of the apparent movement of these instruments?
The fact is that they are a sort of Dowsing Rod. This works by using the ‘Ideomotor Effect’, which is when a person holds a rod or other object that is naturally very delicately balanced. The person who is holding the instrument is controlling the movement of the instrument here. This may be an involuntary action. The slightest movements of the user are magnified in the antenna or dowsing rod, which misleads the user into thinking that the antenna has pointed to something useful (actually, it’s just the user’s twitching that has made the antenna register). The person holding it is responsible for the movement of the instrument.


‘Ideomotor’ meaning: ‘Of or relating to an unconscious or involuntary bodily movement made in response to a thought or idea rather than to a sensory stimulus.’

Ideomotor Effect: This is the psychological phenomenon that underlies dowsing, automatic writing, table tipping, and the Ouija board. Quite unconsciously, the participant is moving the hand enough to make the movement of the involved device occur, though he may attribute the motion to the divine or supernatural force in which he believes. In all these events, nothing in the way of information is revealed to the operator except what he already knows. The effect is very powerful with some personalities, and no amount of evidence will disabuse believers in the magical nature of the phenomenon.
The ideomotor effect is a psychological phenomenon wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously; for example, the body produces tears in response to powerful emotions, without the person consciously deciding to cry.
The Ouija board  (wee-jaa) also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0–9, the words “yes”, “no”, “hello” (occasionally), and “goodbye”, along with various symbols and graphics. It uses a ‘planchette’ (small heart-shaped piece of wood) or movable indicator to indicate the spirit’s message by spelling it out on the board during a séance. Participants place their fingers on the ‘planchette’, and it is moved about the board to spell out words.

(पानी का पता लगाने की छड़ी) / (जमीन के नीचे पानी, खनिज पदार्थ आदि की खोज करने वाला दण्ड)
Dowsing is a type of ‘divination’ employed in attempts to locate ground water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, gravesites, and many other objects and materials, as well as so-called currents of Earth Radiation or Geopathic Stress (Ley lines), without the use of scientific apparatus. Dowsing is also known as ‘divining’ (especially in reference to interpretation of results), doodle bugging (particularly in the United States, in searching for petroleum) or (when searching specifically for water) water finding, water witching or water dowsing.

Scientific Appraisal of Dowsing:

There is no scientific evidence that dowsing is effective. Controlled field and laboratory tests have failed to establish the validity of dowsing, and judged by scientific standards the practice has little basis in fact.


A 1948 study tested 58 dowsers’ ability to detect water. None of them was more reliable than ‘chance’ (“Tukka” in ‘Hindi’ language). A 1979 review examined many controlled studies of dowsing for water, and found that none of them showed better than chance results. A 2006study of grave dowsing in Iowa reviewed 14 published studies and determined that none of them correctly predicted the location of human burials, and simple scientific experiments demonstrated the fundamental principles commonly used to explain grave dowsing were incorrect.


More recently a study was undertaken in Kassel, Germany, under the direction of the Gesellschaft zur Wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung von Parawissenschaften (GWUP) [Society for the Scientific Investigation of the Parasciences]. The three-day test of some 30 dowsers involved plastic pipes through which water flow could be controlled and directed. The pipes were buried 50 centimeters under a level field, the position of each marked on the surface with a colored strip. The dowsers had to tell whether water was running through each pipe. All the dowsers signed a statement agreeing this was a fair test of their abilities and that they expected a 100 percent success rate. However, the results were no better than a CHANCE.


The Encyclopedia Americana states:  Controlled field and laboratory tests have failed to establish the validity of dowsing, and judged by scientific standards the practice has little basis in fact.  



Mis-representation about ‘EMF Meters’ by some Vastu Experts:

Some ‘so called’ Vastu experts mislead the gullible public that with Electromagnetic field Meters (EMF Meters) they can give correct scientific readings, before and after the ‘Vastu Dosha’ corrections by energy balancing and Geopathic stress neutralization. Let us examine facts about EMF Meters.


An EMF meter is a scientific instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF). Most meters measure the electromagnetic radiation flux density (DC fields) or the change in an electromagnetic field over time (AC fields), essentially the same as a radio antenna, but with quite different detection characteristics. An EMF detector, you can carry around with you wherever you go, in a handbag or pocket, for example. It alerts you when you enter a high EMF area. On some models you can adjust the threshold level. An EMF meter will measure the electromagnetic radiation and display the reading on a dial or a digital display.

As most electromagnetic fields encountered in everyday situation are those generated by household or industrial appliances, the majority of EMF meters available are calibrated to measure 50 and 60 Hz alternating fields (the frequency of US and European mains electricity). There are other meters which can measure fields alternating at as low as 20 Hz, however these tend to be much more expensive and are only used for specific research purposes.
What do EMF meters measure?
EMF meters detect fields emitted by moving electrically charged objects. Electromagnetic field theory lies at the combination of an electric field, produced by a charged object, and the magnetic field created when the charged object moves.
Electromagnetic fields are created using alternating current and direct current, but with different results. EMF meters measure fields produced by alternating current; the type of electricity surging through your microwaves and television. This current moves back and forth-fifty to sixty times a second. An EMF meter can measure AC electromagnetic fields, which are usually emitted from man-made sources such as electrical wiring, while ‘Gauss Meters’ or ‘Magnetometers’ measure DC fields, which occur naturally in Earth’s geomagnetic fields and are emitted from other sources where direct current is present. Direct current fields are stationary, like the Earth’s Magnetic Field, and cannot be measured by most EMF meters. Then how can one obtain readings for Geopathic Stress related electromagnetism as claimed by such persons.
Generally a ‘TRI-FIELD METER’ is used for Electric/ Magnetic and Radio waves/ Microwave detection.

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