Find out ‘Is Your Building in Equilibrium’?

24 Jul

Find out ‘Is Your Building in Equilibrium’?

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Nature is in equilibrium, there are energy fields operating freely in nature and are in equilibrium too. When a building is placed on earth, the flow of energy field changes its course and sometimes this may give rise to Vastu ‘dosh’. The disturbed energy field also affects energy fields of the occupants and results in health, financial or personal problems.

Once we realize the importance of equilibrium, we can take some useful steps to establish it in our abode. Here is a small exercise you can perform at your place on coming weekend with your family for your prosperity.
Open all your doors and curtains in your house in the morning and see if any of the area is in dark (area where you cannot read with a perfect eyesight may be considered as dark). If your house is well lit by natural light that means you are not obstructing flow of sunrays through your building. Close your curtains and see which all areas become dark now (which were previously lit enough by natural light). The darker areas should be treated by replacing dark colored and thicker curtains by lighter ones.
Open all door and windows, switch off the fans and try to feel the natural inflow of air through your rooms (if you feel difficult to sense the airflow, you may get a clue from the swing of your hanging curtains). Do this for analyzing the ventilation for each room. Now from this exercise, try to figure out the main sources of ventilation (certain doors and windows) through which maximum air comes in and goes out of your house and try to keep them open especially in morning hours.
After treating light and ventilation in your house, now it is turn for treating clutter. Clutter absorbs and obstructs energy. Clutter is like driving on a bad road. A house with less, light and useful stuffs are more efficient and prosperous than a house made museum (over-decorated, broken, unutilized and asynchronous stuffs).  Check each room and see the ratio of occupied versus the free space on the floor (only look for the floor area of the room not the volume). Try to maintain a ratio of 4:6 (‘four’ is for occupied and ‘six’ is for free space) in all rooms. The lesser the obstructed/occupied area better the flow.
Any change/practice comes into effect or reflects after a minimum of three weeks time. Incorporate light, ventilation, clutter therapies and make a note of changes you feel after three weeks.

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