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You will be surprised to know that, originally, the learners of Vastu Shastra were also trained in ‘Artha Shastra’ (Economics).


In order to cash in a lot of profit, the building of a hotel should be constructed on a plot having rectangular, square etc.


Itis always better to have the main entrance of a restaurant in East, North or North-East directions.


Mauris placerat placerat felis Non tincidunt sem pretium eget.i vel mi ultricies accumsan.


Plot should be preferably be perfect square. Roads should be on Eastern or Western side.


Plot facing East is good for scholars, philosophers, priests, professors, teachers etc.


Plot of Gas Station should be square and all corners shall be of 90-Degree.

Shops / Convenience store

Jewelry, Ladies shopping, Women Wear shops South-East corner door is preferable.  South-West corner door is not acceptable.


Main door should be at East of North side of North-East corner.
Enquiry room should be at South-East corner.

Vastu for Factory

Machinery should be placed at the South-West corner of the main factory.
Main entrance should be from North-East, either North or East side.

Vastu for Wealth

Make yourfront door distinctive or attract wealth within.  Color it different from the neighboring walls.

Vastu for Health

Staircase in the exact centre of the house would lead to health problems.  So, take care of get the stairs built in a corner.

Vastu for Education

Keep the study table and area extremely clean without dumping books and papers around.

Vastu for Career

The offices of government officials and heads of corporate houses should be located far from the main entrance.

Vastu for Pregnancy

Couples who are planning for the pregnancy should use the North-Western room (‘Air’ element) till the onset of pregnancy.

Vastu for Peace and Prosperity

A clutter free environment is the key to health, wealth, peace, prosperity, success and for good relations in one’s life.

Vastu for Love / Happy Married Life

Avoid bedroom in South-East as this is a fire place.  It may lead to the clashesbetween the couple.


There is no reason to tip the balance if your fortunes, peace of mind, health and your business are doing fine and are in perfect harmony. Your place already has a good Vastu. If not, get it corrected through Vastu Remedies NOW. Check this:

  • You plight your troth. You are the reason for your own downfall.
  • If you are depressed about the idiosyncrasies of life.
  • If you are disappointed with the way things are turning out.
  • You start fighting with your spouse, say for no reason at all. If your marriage was made in heaven, but is functional in hell.
  • If your child is the apple of your eye, but the strictest quality standards cannot keep the worms out.
  • Your children behaving rather antisocially due to reasons beyond your understanding.
  • The offspring you love very much are more troublesome.
  • Your parent come ‘visiting’. Previously such a joy, now they appear to be burdensome.
  • Health issues in the family are troubling you now and then.
  • The food you eat tastes lousy with missing salutiferous values.
  • If your career graph is plummeting.
  • If your repertoire is vast, but your achievements ordinary.
  • You are at an occupational age. You are qualified. You are resourceful and brilliant. Yet, nothing is going fine. If you are permanently considered a person of potential. If your contemporaries repeatedly hog kudos while you do the lion’s share of work.
  • If your profits are spiraling, but only downwards.
  • If despite your best efforts, your ‘state of the art’ factory is becoming a monolithic monument to your failures.
  • If you find walking on the cutting edge of technology, too sharp a going despite your up-to-date training.
  • If your productivity is suboptimal, and you score only double bogeys in corporate performance when your actual handicap should be under par.
  • You opt for an equally qualified business partner. Nothing seems to be wrong on paper, but you find yourself squabbling because nothing seems to be working and your contemporaries, though of lesser caliber, leave you far behind. It is highly likely that the Vastu of your office / factory is all-wrong.
  • Your fortunes start slipping away and you enter a corridor of eternal uncertainty. Before you label yourself a failure, hold on.

If you just don’t have that ‘Feel Good’ aura about you.