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The concept of Vastu is based on the idea that all energy is a combination of Five Elements of Nature (‘Panchbhootas’) which is based on directions of our dwelling. Similarly, there are two Universal Energies which are at the foundation of all Energy Levels, i.e., Male and Female Energies.

Male Energy is considered to be the strong bold energy, which is described as bright, hot, moving, loud, hard, fast, and colorful. Contrastingly the Female Energy is calm energy and it relates to the quiet, still, dark, soft and cold. Even though that’s what female’s energy is described as, it certainly doesn’t mean women/females are those things!

Conceptually speaking Vastu for woman isn’t much different than Vastu for man, but there are some important distinctions that apply only to woman, that is health and wealth of beauty. In Universe there is a whole study of luck, as it applies to one’s face. The foremost is the Complexion. A woman’s complexion is not only a source of beauty, but it is also a source of her wealth. Neglecting one’s looks and appearance doesn’t make a woman apparently wealthy or attract wealth to her life. However, when a woman projects a fresh, smooth and glowing complexion and appearance whatever her age, she attracts wealth. Oily or dry complexions may sometimes cause a lack of resources or repel them.

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A wonderful way to enhance your looks is to apply makeup or use a makeup mirror facing EAST which is considered more positive. It is advised that you look at yourself from a favorable direction as you dress for the day or before going to bed. A lighted makeup mirror is a wonderful activator for you and your life!

In some households man is favored because men most often are considered as the breadwinners, but times have now changed and that’s not always so. When the woman is the breadwinner, it is the South-West direction which is favored above the North-West. In such situation make sure the South-West sector is protected and enhanced with plenty of auspicious Earth Energy through Crystal Lights and a pair of Dove Birds.

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Look for items that may drain a Female/Woman’s Energy:

Although women love to receive flowers from admirers while plants are not beneficial for women. It’s always advisable that there should not be oversized plants or trees in North-East or Center Zones (’Brahmasthan’). Plants drain out Earth Energy and can create a tired, frustrated woman or one who has difficulties with her health or relationships. It’s good to check for metal objects too, in the South-West sector as these can weaken the Earth Energy that supports the female/woman of the house.

Whose Directions matters?

Another frequent parameter is the question about individual Elements and Qualities as per Zodiac Sign and Directions which favor individuals. Whether male or female, the door’s direction and the bedroom’s location or sleeping direction is favored based on as ‘WHO’ earns the most money. Vastu is decidedly conservative here and favors the one, whoever brings home the paycheck, regardless of whether that is a man or a woman.

Matriarch Luck is of Utmost Importance/Vital:

Matriarch is a mother who is head and ruler of her family and descendants. Whether a woman is single or married, it is important that Matriarchal Energy is enhanced. That’s done by focusing on woman’s Earth Energy. Sometimes unmarried women have a stronger male energy due to the fact that a restroom is located in the South-West corner or that they sleep on the wrong side of the bed, taking over the male energy position (left side as you are lying in bed), i.e., exchanging the opposite energy levels. When this happens, single woman can remain married, but the man falls out of the leadership role in the family, and at worst, serious ailments may occur to the woman.

Women must ensure that their energy is always enhanced in the home by having surroundings with enough and supporting Feminine Energy. Now, that doesn’t mean that you place ornamental mats or doilies and rose-filled chintz (a fabric paint) everywhere. However, it means that you protect the South-West and South-East corner of your home by adding Earth or Fire Energy Elements there. If your kitchen is in South-East, enhance the Earth Energy in the South-West corner of the living room with Crystals or strong Lighting.

Symbolically Protect the Woman’s Energy through focusing on Earth Elements:

Whether it’s a painting of a mountain, a beautiful crystal vase or even a large piece of furniture, a wonderful South-West activator is a set of six crystal balls. Six crystal balls represent to create smooth, happy and fulfilling relationships and an auspicious life for a woman. Pictures of large buildings or mountains behind a woman at her desk or in the South-West corner will also ensure that she, who offers so much support to her family and co-workers and friends, is also supported and helped by others. This will also provide stability to woman’s energy.

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Enhancing Woman’s Wealth:

The South-West direction of woman is depicted as the opposite energy level. Therefore, it would be the best location to add Water Element in feminine energy direction of North-East to help enhance female energy. It can be achieved when Water Element is added to the North-East corner of the home or garden which will help women rise in financial prominence. Fountains, water features such as ponds with waterfalls or swimming pools are great enhancers for the women/female energy and will help make them prosperous and rise in prominence.

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