World of Divine Vastu Tips to Remove Negative Energy with the Help of LEMONS from Your Home or Office:

08 Mar

World of Divine Vastu Tips to Remove Negative Energy with the Help of LEMONS from Your Home or Office:

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Did you know that the negative energy can affect your prosperity, your relationships and your health? Even more the negative energy can surely stagnate the environment at your home. Usually you feel more comfortable when you only believe in things that you can understand and verify. That is why in most of the cases the rational mind cannot comprehend some remedies and rituals. Usually these rituals and remedies are a challenge to logic.

lemon vastu shastra

Almost everybody knows the health benefits of lemons, such as lowering the blood pressure and guarding against infections due to a high antioxidant content. Lemons are a purifying agent. They are great for cleaning. Their essential oil can play a part in boosting your mood. And in some ancient practices, lemons can absorb negative energies from a space. According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, using limes for detoxification for you and your spaces is very easy and affordable.

  • Help eliminate odor and cleanse negative energy.
  • Cleanse your mind, body and negative energy due to anxiety, depression and nervous tension.
  • Enhances your positive energy or ‘PRANA’.
  • Restore your positive energy level after any trauma of losing a loved one or attending a funeral.
  • Support you while going through a particularly bad phase of life.
  • You may use the citrus aroma of the lemon, which will help you get rid of all negative energy and improve the mood in your home. A fresher home with a pleasant aroma puts its occupants in a positive mood, thereby enhancing their overall wellbeing and health.

Enhancing Positive Energy with the help of LEMONS:

This is very easy, you just need some green lemons.

  1. One of the simplest way is to place three green lemons at open and airy locations of your house, replacing them the moment they start turning yellow or black. It is popularly believed that lemons help you attain peace, prosperity, energy, abundance and will attract love into your life. The lemon is often referred to as the fruit of good.
  2. Another simple trick as well by putting nine lemons above the refrigerator on a bed of rice, in a bowl. Make a circle out of eight lemons and put one in the center, for wealth.
  3. You can also add three lemons in your purse or in a desk drawer. This will help keep you balanced and remove all negative energy at your workplace away from envy, jealousy and hatred.
  4. You may spray water mixed with lemon juice all around the house, especially in the corners, to eliminate all negative energy and improve your mood. Alternatively, you can boil the lemon skin in rain water and let the aroma waft through the house.
  5. Yet another way to ward off negative energy is to use lemon juice. Squeeze a lemon into water and rub the juice over your jewelry, accessories, and amulets. This cleansing process will remove bad vibes and negativity from your belongings and will safeguard your well-being.
  6. Put three lemons in a bowl and place the bowl on the bedside table. It will help you attract love and eliminate all negative energy. Replace them when they turn yellow or black.
  7. In order to clear the bad vibes that you might have absorbed on a particular day or while travelling or during some negative person visiting your home, put four lemons in a plate to form a cross. Around these lemons make a circle from the salt grains within the same dish and tuck under your bed before you go to sleep. If you cannot put it under the bed, put aside, on a table or on the floor. Next day without touching the lemons put them in a plastic bag and throw away from the home. Repeat it for at least three days in a row and you will feel better.
  8. To halt negative vibes and energies from entering and spreading through your home add salt on a lemon. Cut the lemon into four slices and spread salt on each slice. Ensure that the salt stays inside the lemon pieces. Place the slices at the home entrance and the lemon will absorb and remove negative vibes emitted from anyone who approaches the doorstep. For best results, this technique may be repeated for three consecutive days and you will experience more blissful positive feelings. The lemon aroma will restore positive energy.
  9. Carry Lemons When You Travel: Placing a lemon in your pocket and taking it with you as you travel can help protect you from negative energies you may encounter while you are on the go. The lemon will dry up rapidly as it meets with negative energy wherever you go. As this happens, replace it with a fresh lemon.
  10. Using Lemon Leaves: Natural healers use lemon leaves to increase stamina and energy. This technique involves soaking lemon leaves in water to make a drink that you may consume prior to going to bed for seven days.
Lemon for positive energy vastu shastra

Disclaimer: The contents are created to the best of our knowledge and belief, yet it is of general nature and cannot in any way substitute an individual consultation with your doctor. Your health is important to us!  

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