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‘Vastu Shastra’ is the ancient Indian Science of Architecture. Vastu is nothing but the science of balancing the ‘PANCH MAHA-BHOOTAs’, the five elements of Nature i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, in proportion to keep the residents of the building in perfect harmony for right decisions, peace and happiness. The seers and sages of ancient India carefully observed the effects of these five elements on the human organism and environment. In a natural environment all five elements are in balance. As soon as the environment is altered by the introduction of a structure, however, this balance is disturbed. Any such disturbance then affects the health, wealth, and happiness of those who live and work inside the building. Over thousands of years the sages collected such observations of natural balance and imbalance within environments. The resulting body of knowledge is the science of Vastu Shastra.

The magnetic energies of the North and the Solar Energies of the East (Ultraviolet Rays) exert positive, supportive influences, while the South (Infrared Rays) and the West (Gamma Rays) exert influences that are not life-supporting. For this reason in ancient India, buildings were designed to receive the abundant, life-enhancing energies from the North and East, while shielding their inhabitants from the Gamma and Infrared Rays of the West and South. The positive energies from North and East flowed around the structure without obstruction and collected in the South-West area of the building, where they supported the health and well-being of the people inside.

Causes of Vastu Defects (‘Vastu Doshas’):

  1. Cosmic Radiations coming from Space or Universe; Sun, Planets etc. They can be negative or positive. Deficiency or excess of energy in an area causes negativity while sufficient energy gives positive results. These are corrected by balancing the five elements through structural changes or Vastu correctional tools.
  2. Geopathic Stress. These are negative radiations coming from the Earth. Spending long periods of time in such areas give negative results. Like sleeping or sitting in office etc. for longer period can result in negativity in one’s life. It can cause physical or emotional disturbances which can imbalance your life. ‘Hidden Vastu defects’ or ‘Geopathic Stress’ can be sensed or detected only by an expert Vastu consultant and different methods are used to correct them. Geopathic Stress is only ‘one of the causes’ of Vastu defects and ‘not the only cause’, as erroneously believed by some. Therefore, structural and energy balancing is equally important in correcting the Vastu defects.


Scientifically interpreting, the ‘Bio-Energetics’ is the study of energy transformations through living systems. Everything, (visible and invisible) is a field of energy, molecules. The Electro-Chemical structures are nothing but FIVE ELEMENTS OF THE NATURE (‘PANCH MAHA-BHOOTA’) as described above. These fields are sometimes referred to as an Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF). EMF receives and remits electrical-magnetic-energy currents. These currents can cause an experience of force that has the potential to alter the structure of other fields (including the magnetic field/AURA of our bodies) either positively or negatively.

When we are living within environment(s) that exudes healthy Bio-Energetics, the human body as a battery is being positively charged and strengthened creating better immunity, all day energy, sound sleep and at the same time achieve a healthy state of being.

In all kinds of the healing energies, healthy Bio-Energetics (‘Vastu’) ranks higher then Emotional Health, Nutrition and Sleep because it is capable to magnifying all of them positively.

What is Positive EMF: It’s the positive energy from the COSMOS and the Mother Earth’s ground. Our body works like a battery and is positively charged when surrounded by Nature such as taking a hike or spending a day at the beach, walking in a forest and so on.

The opposite of being in positive Bio-Energetics environment, is being in negatively charged or depolarized environments. When consistently exposed to environments that exude negative synthetic currents/energies this drains the human battery hindering its internal functions, immunity, accelerating aging, as well as making it harder to heal. All over the world the scientist are constantly experimenting on such issues.

Some of the Negative EMF emanating examples may be: Synthetic EMF emissions come from: x-ray machines; cell phone/towers; computers; video games; smart meters; appliances; GPS; wireless baby monitors; scanning devices; electrical cars; WIFI; satellites;  FiOS (Fiber Optic Service); electrical wiring inside a house/office etc.

The ‘synthetic currents’ from the above devices are transmissions of electric power that come from through high voltage lines and secondary wiring lines in home, office, and other buildings. When we are in continuous surroundings of synthetic EMF emissions, studies have shown this causes stress to the natural functions of our body. Some scientist are also working on Geopathic stress vis-a-vis human bodies.

Continuous exposure to synthetic artificial Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) depletes our body energy field, locks out nutrients from being absorbed, and accelerates cell death, speeding up the oxidation and aging process. As a result, no matter how well you eat and how many meditative breaths you take, the invisible force of synthetic EMF can be a major driver to almost any health challenge.
Working with principles of Vastu Shastra you have the opportunity to remediate/rectify synthetic EMF currents, convert non-beneficial emissions to beneficial energies in your home and/or work environment and even strengthen your own personal body field/aura to protect yourself in other areas that emanates negative EMF currents.

A healthy body can have a healthy mind and ultimately it results into general wellbeing and a clear state of mind which can enhance your work output positively and there comes overall prosperity and health naturally. A simple understanding!

It works by Grounding and Energy Balancing Vastu of your Building:
The most effective means of converting harmful emissions into beneficial energies is by bringing Earth’s beneficial energies into your home/work environment. This system is called ‘GROUNDING’, a form of Energy Balancing Vastu, an ancient scientific practice. It is effectively achieved through PYRAMIDOLOGY/ PYRA VASTU. Pyra Vastu Pyramid(s) which are geometrically molded for converting non-beneficial energies and amplifying good energy. The pyramid shape itself attracts geological-biological-cosmic energy particles from around the environment. This helps in magnifying the beneficial energies in their surroundings. Even the energy can be dispersed/reflected back through special mirrors. The cut-off pyramids can segregate unwanted areas and shifting pyramids can transform and change direction of flow of the energy in any dwelling unit.


Overall benefits of ‘Grounding’ and ‘Energy Balancing Vastu’:
1.        Protection:

The function of our brain, immune system, glands, digestion, and fertility are controlled by tiny currents, all of which can be disrupted by synthetic EMFs. If our cells are being constantly annoyed this can lead to an excessive weakening of our AURA ENERGY/body’s field and therefore can disrupt normal biological functions. Below may be the possible examples of potential negative effects on health when not protected from continuous synthetic EMF exposure.

  • Electrical exposure in your sleeping environment, cell phones, FiOS (Fiber Optic Service), WIFI, TV, digital clock, electrical wire in ceilings and floors) is thousands of times stronger than your body’s own electrical system. Symptoms of long-term exposure of elevated electrical levels, especially at night include Disrupted sleep patterns, Headaches, Reduced melatonin production (Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland, a small gland in the brain. Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles), Depression and Fatigue, Hyperactivity, Nightmares, Muscle cramps, and Eyestrain.
  • Microwave radiation used in WIFI, cell phones, and microwave ovens, shut down the cell membrane. This impairs the flow of nutrients into the cell and waste products out, drains the body energy, depletes minerals and taxes the immune system.
  • Disruptions to hormone function and production.
  • Disrupts Calcium (Ca) in a body. Calcium is needed to hold cell wall structure together, when a cell lacks Calcium the brain goes to mush leading to impaired brain function/memory.
  • Biologist Allan H Frey in the 1960’s showed how heart rhythms are disturbed by microwaves and how the blood-brain barrier is compromised.
  • Ophthalmologist, Dr. Milton M. Zaret, MD, first to find cataracts caused by low-energy microwaves.
  • The Swedish National Institute for Working Life (NIWL) investigated the general cancer statistics of 2.4 million employees in different professions and found an 80% higher Cancer risk in the most electrically exposed groups such as electricians, technical engineers, kitchen personnel, machine and motor mechanics and seamstresses.
  • Two Finnish studies show that low-frequency fields from high radiation computer screens increase the risk of miscarriage 2 to 5 times.
  • There are over 60 quality studies linking EMF exposure to Cancer. In laboratory studies, Cancer cells reproduce up to 24 times faster when exposed to synthetic EMF.
  1. Energy Balancing Vastu/ Grounding:

It enhanced optimal health, greater strength, stronger immunity, and longevity, all with less sleep and less nutrition. It helps in dramatic reduction of insomnia; reduced nervous system inflammation, decreased hormone symptoms, normalizes a body’s biological rhythms, relieves muscle tension, accelerates recovery from athletic exercise, speeds the healing process, creates a deeper (Rapid Eye Movements) sleep and Increased energy.


Visualizing Everything As Energy:

The principles of Vastu speaks about the ‘Laws of Balance and Harmony’, which can be felt through the natural flow of universal forces. Most of the World Cultures recognize these unseen forces; the forces that shape the world of the seen and the unseen, understanding that life is an intricately woven pattern of energy and form. Life-force energy permeates the Cosmos, our Earth, and Nature (including our bodies) with its essence. The Japanese call this life-force energy ‘Ki’ and the Chinese call it ‘Chi’. In India it is called ‘Prana’. The Romans called it ‘Spiritus’ and the Greeks knew it as ‘Pneuma’. It is known in Hebrew as ‘Ruah’ and in Arabic as ‘Rhor’. This energy, known throughout the World by many names in many Cultures, can become blocked or stagnant within an environment. When blocked it causes stress, leading to disease and limitation in the body, mind, and emotions. Such life-energy blockage wreaks havoc with our ability to manifest prosperity and prevents us from feeling productive in the World.

From the level of the tiny Atom to the vastness of the Cosmos, the same ‘Laws of Nature’ are reflected. They form intricate connections between our human body, the environments in which we live and work, our Greater World, and the Universe at large. In its natural state, every inch of the Earth is in perfect harmony with cosmic order. The elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Space exist in perfect balance, pristine and undisturbed. If you have ever walked in a forest or lush meadow, along a stream or rushing river, or on the shores of an ocean or lake, you may have felt a sense of peace and serenity, an expansive sense that all is right with the World. When you are in Living in Harmony with the Earth/ Nature, this is your Natural State.



This is also known as the Law of ‘Karma’: You get back whatever you put in. ‘As You Sow, So Shall You Reap’. What goes around comes around. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We can see this universal principle at work in every aspect of the world, including its creation. Western science has revealed that first there was sound (‘The Big Bang Theory’ of Evolution), and from sound came Ether or Space Element (which is alive with possibility and consciousness). From Ether/Space came Air Element (the life force). From friction in the Air came Fire Element (the spark of intention) in the form of lightning. From excessive heat, Water (the creator) was generated. From Water came Earth (the sustainer). Thus, each of the Five Elements was created in sequence.

The science of Vastu links the Body (the microcosm or microcosmic: a miniature representation of something) and the Universe (the macrocosm or macrocosmic: the total or entire complex structure of something) together with the Five Elements. The body occupies Space; it comes from the same subtle level of possibility and consciousness that created the Universe. The lungs fill with Air, life-force energy. Fire, in the form of heat, brings warmth and stimulation to all systems of the body. The body is composed of +/- 60 percent water. This water, in the form of bodily fluids, creates vitality and harmony through the blood and bodily secretions. Earth gives the body shape through bones, tissues, muscles, skin, and hair. According to Vastu, then, we are each a blueprint of the Universe as seen through the Five Elements.

By following the principles of Vastu Shastra, you will learn how to support the five elements within your body as well as in your living and working environments. Doing so, you will experience a dramatic change in your perception of yourself and in the world you create. In perfect Harmony and Balance with Earth/ Nature, your world will become filled with imagination, vitality, and abundant opportunity.



At its basic level, everything is energy and vibration. Everything is interconnected in a constantly shifting balancing act whose goal is ideal harmony. There is harmony between Earth and Water, between the Sun (Fire) and the Moon (Air), between the Stars and Planets. The energies of all things are connected and moving in a precise ‘Universal Dance’. Even natural calamities such as earthquakes, excessive rains and flooding, hurricanes, tsunamis and tornados are simply nature’s attempt to balance itself through adjustments, to restore universal harmony.

In a sense, Vastu is ‘Yoga’ for the home or office. ‘Yoga’ balances the five elements in the body through postures and breathing exercises that eliminate stress. Vastu extends this principle by balancing the five elements to eliminate stress in a physical environment. Using the principles of Vastu, you can bring any building into balance, attract beneficial energy, and enhance prosperity and abundance. In this way, your home or office will become a haven, a sanctuary where you feel productive, healthy, and at peace. In any structure the five elements must be in balance to gain the support of Nature. Each of these elements is associated with a particular direction (Earth, South-West; Water, North-East; Fire, South-East; Air, North-West; Space, the Central area).The interplay between these elements and the directions affects you on every level of existence. Each of the five elements, together with the directions North, South, East, and West, has a specific planetary influence as well, making a subtle but profound impact on your daily life. People seldom think of their homes as living entities, but the benefits of understanding this premise are truly life-changing.


When a structure is built, this universal balance gets disrupted. As the human race transitioned from natural environments to manmade structures, our connection to the natural world was lost. Over time we created congested, artificial environments filled with synthetics, which were designed to add ease and comfort. Vastu was the first science to encourage green building and the use of natural materials. Despite new and expanding methods of construction and widespread technological advances, we only recently, are realizing the impact that these physical structures might have on our body, mind, and emotions. Many people have allergic reactions to building materials and artificial lighting, which may limit their productivity and emotional well-being. A building can be friendly or unfriendly to its inhabitants, depending on how it is constructed and maintained. The principles of Vastu Shastra heals the environment by balancing and aligning its energetic anatomy with the Earth/ Nature. Global Warming and deterioration of the Ozone Layer are creating high levels of skin cancer and severely affecting plant and animal life all over the planet Earth. Whenever we disregard our connection to the Natural Laws of our World and Universe, we create stress and disease, both in our bodies and in ‘Mother Earth’. Vastu Shastra honors the interconnectedness of all things: healing stress and disease in the ‘microcosm’ of our bodies and the structures and houses while taking care of the Mother Earth, the ‘macrocosm’. Vastu Shastra helps balance the five elements within your living and working environment so that you experience maximum levels of success and productivity. By better understanding how the five elements influence your life, you can restore your connection to the abundant universal support of the Cosmos. We must understand that everything is interconnected. You are made of the same energy as everything. Always remember that ‘Whatever you do to your surrounding World, You do it to yourself’.

REWA KUMAR, PH.D. (Vastu), Vastu Specialist


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