Divine Vastu Tips for Health and Well-being

25 Mar

Divine Vastu Tips for Health and Well-being

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A proper relationship between Human being and environment is an essential law of Scientific Vastu. The principles of Vastu Shastra can fruitfully be applied to correct placement of man in such a manner to get the maximum benefits of the energy emanated by natural and man-made environment. Here are some vital tips:
1. Being in a room that is constantly lit by such light can cause headaches, eyestrain, loss of energy and nausea.
2. Fluorescent tubes can interfere with vibrations of the human body, causing people to be hyperactive and irritable.
3. Full spectrum lights are very healthy as they resemble the spectral light found in natural daylight, and working under them improves mood and performance.
4. Blue light is soothing and cooling but it should not be used for reading.
5. Green light helps to relax and unwind. It is also a healing light, speeding up the body’s own healing mechanism.
6. Orange light is used to combat depression and lift mood. It creates a friendly and a communicative atmosphere.
7. Pink light is useful where a loving and nurturing environment is needed. It also has muscle-relaxing qualities.
8. Red light is physically warming and emotionally arousing. It keeps the person charged up and active.
9. Violet light is used in mental institutions to help people with obsessive behavior patterns and neuroses. It harmonizes mental and emotional state.
10. ‘Tulsi’ plant should be placed in the North to develop fortitude and awareness.
11. Eucalyptus stimulates clear thinking.
12. Bamboo symbolizes longevity, durability and endurance. Grow bamboo on the left side of your house or at the back.
13. Chrysanthemums symbolize purity and honesty.
14. The Jade or Chinese money plant attracts abundance and prosperity. It should be small, about 15 cm, and never exceed 3 feet.
15. Keeping Hibiscus in the bedroom promotes sexual compatibility.
16. The Sunflower helps in creating opportunities and brings in positive energy.
17. The Jasmine is considered an aphrodisiac as well as an anti-depressant. It is also said to bestow divine hope and grace.
18. Prickly plants like Cacti and spiky leafed plants like the Spider, Fern and Palm are to be avoided indoors because they generate negativity.
19. Bonsai are the most inauspicious for wealth or luck as it symbolizes that stunted growth and energy.   Vastu is an ancient science which lays down certain recommendations about the direction, construction, designing and decoration of a house, for the benefit of the occupants.
These recommendations are said to be based on certain rules and regulations, perfected over hundreds of years by our sages. Even common practices, like not wearing shoes in the kitchen, have their basis in Vastu.


Seven commandments:
The earthen pot or any pot for storing water should not be black in color. It is believed that in this case, the lady of the house will suffer from urinary trouble, kidney problem or breathlessness. For good health, the earthen pot, if used, should be whitish pink in color. Similarly, avoid any of the water areas in the kitchen, then a family member will have to undergo operation. If damaged electrical appliances are kept at home, children may not study properly as their attention span gets disturbed. If a glass of water is kept near a telephone or television set, it will create tension in the house. To ensure good health, food grains should not be stored under a staircase. If in the right side of the house, a window pane is broken, then the eldest son or the head of the family may suffer from ill-health. It seems the kitchen is the fulcrum around which the health of the family revolves. “The direction in which one cooks food is most important in bringing good health for the family.” So, the kitchen platform should be against the Eastern wall and the person should also face East while cooking. The gas/stove/oven should be on the right side of the person who is cooking, and the water required for cooking and the sink should be on the left hand side. If the kitchen platform is on the Southern wall, then there will be persistent health problems in the house. If it is on the Northern wall, then the gas/stove/oven should be on the left hand side of the person cooking. In such a position, though there will be no medical problems, more guests will drop in. There is more: A person will have sound sleep if his head faces South. One should never sleep under the beam as it causes pain, depending on which portion of the body part is facing the beam. One should not keep a mirror in front of the bed, and it is also not advisable to keep broken mirror at home. Home should be clutter-free and the waste basket should never be kept in the North-East corner of the room. For the walls, grey, black and brown color be avoided because it creates a pessimistic attitude. Preferred colors include, off-white, light blue or light green. Such colors make one feel fresh, enthusiastic and have a buzzing creative mind. The position of the main door is also important. It should either be facing East or North, so that even if there are problems, they will get solved.


Vastu for Health  
Our Cosmos is made up of five basic elements i.e. the Earth, Sky, Water, Fire and the Air. Any imbalance in these elements brings about a discomfort outside and within the human body. We may not feel this immediately but the change in the systems of the body makes us realize that something is wrong. Some people try to bring equality or balance by objective means like Meditation, Reiki, ‘Pranik’ Healing and ‘Kundalini’ Awakening etc. This helps to accelerate the movement of the energy and this brings about results.  By following the principles of Vastu also, laid down by the ancient Indian scholars, we try to do away with negative energy, mental agony and achieve mental peace. By implementing the Vastu remedies, numerous health problems have been mitigated from the lives of people around the globe since human energy is affected by many things including lighting, colors, plants, the placement of furniture, and very much, by the shape and size of a building and the materials which are used.  People working in buildings based on Vastu principles find that their thoughts are clear and creatively, make better decisions, feel happier and healthier. They feel more alert and refreshed throughout the day and experience less stress finding greater peace of mind. They have improved communication at all levels, have enhanced problem solving abilities, improve working performance and improve their financial abilities and prospects.  Vastu provides a set of principles for the general layout, furniture placement and interior decor of the built environment – including landscaping, gardens, car parks, storage facilities etc. These principles produce a balancing and harmonizing affect on the environment and its inhabitants.  Here are few basic rules that are stated in the ancient books of Vastu are discussed below for ensuring good health.
  • Never keep your head toward North while sleeping, prefer keeping it towards South or East only, to achieve peaceful and restful sleep for healthy life. 
  • Face, either North or East while working, studying or negotiating with clients. It helps increase sharp memory resulting in ability to take proper and faster decisions and at right time. 
  • Avoid facing South or South-West while cooking, eating or drinking. Your face should preferably be towards East/West for better taste, digestion & healthy body. Having door at the back while cooking may lead to back-ache, pain in the legs, shoulders and even cervical. 
  • To have better concentration & devotion while worshipping for your face should be towards East or West. 
  • Keep basil (Tulsi) in house to purify the air. Avoid Cactus, Rubber plants, Milky plants and Bonsai plants in the house as they add to your tension, illness and stunted growth of the children. 
  • Construction of stairs, toilet or kitchen in North-East corner of the property may lead to cancer and brain related disorders. In such cases it has been reported that it retards the growth of small children in the family. 
  • Never sit or work or sleep under a beam, it many cause depression, headache or loss of memory. 
  • To avoid any health problem related to Heart & Brain, prefer wooden beds without storage space and avoid sleeping on metal beds. 
  • Any place that is constantly damp or smells of dampness, even without any trace of the cause, is considered to an area of negative energy. As per Vastu one should not stay in such structure. 
  • Is there any tree facing your main door or window? This could result in poor health of family members. Place a convex mirror on the outer wall that is facing the tree to minimize its effect. 
  • To minimize disorders related to heart and nervous system, avoid usage of the space below the staircase for bathroom, toilet/restroom and pantry or even for closed store. 
  • The color of the roof and the walls should never be same as it leads to irritation and short temperament. 
  • Swimming pools or any other underground water bodies should be constructed in North, East or North-East of the plot. Having them in South-East may cause trouble to male children or wife of the owner.


Studies have shown that good health and Vastu are closely related. It is an established fact that the Earth has a magnetic field. Some of the radiation from the Earth is beneficial while some are hazardous. The ancient science of Vastu is based on realistic energy effects, be it solar, magnetic, radiation or sound energy in the Cosmos.       

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