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Vastu is one of the most ancient sciences of Indian architecture and is composed of specific rules, regulations and set down by Sages of the Vedic times. Ancient Sages of India recognized that the Earth is an energy field and understanding it and exploiting it would benefit humanity immensely. It is believed that God is present in the direction of North-East. This is the reason our ancestors preferred having water body in this direction to ensure prosperity. The importance and accuracy of the science of Vastu Shastra written thousands of years back found in variety throughout the World even today.


·Let us see the geographical location of a small nation like Japan where one of the largest water body in the form of Pacific Ocean is present in North-East besides the East of Japan is open and wide getting abundant positive energy from the Sun-Rays and makes JAPAN a flourishing economy.


·Look at Mumbai city. On its South-East direction (BARC) Atomic Power Plant is located which is in conformity to the principles of VASTU and water body is located in the North-East which is also perfect according to Vastu Shastra thus making Mumbai a very prosperous city and India’s Financial Capital.


·The city of London is rich and famous because it is also situated broadly according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. There are open spaces in the North-West and various successful institutions are in North-East.


·Similarly at the root of the progress and prosperity of the cities like New York, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. are the benedictory principles of Vastu Shastra.


·As one progresses towards North-East in United States of America the land becomes richer and richer.


·As we know that India has the Himalayan Mountain in the North and North-East side of our country, which is opposed to the principles of VASTU, thus there is lot of impoverishment among the majority of the country. There is water in South-East and South-East side of India, which is also against VASTU. One thing that makes India famous is due to slope towards East, which is a very favorable and auspicious for the spiritual growth of the country.


World famous Tirupati temple is a living example of Vastu and its principles. Its prosperity is legendary, thanks to the excellent implementation of the principles of Vastu Shastra. The ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’ is situated in the South-West side of the temple complex. In its North-East direction is a lake and pond. The dining hall of the temple is in South-East side while the North-West and North side of the temple is allocated to the Storage for grains and items required in the kitchen. The entire temple complex is of square shape, which brings its axis and that of the Earth perpendicular to each other. The main temple is occupying only one-fourth area of the total area and on its Eastern and Northern side is open area. All of them make Tirupati Temple of Lord Balaji an ideal structure according to the principles of Vastu Shastra thus making Tirupati Balaji temple one of the most famous and richest temple in the World.

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