Benefits of Vastu Homes

30 Mar

Benefits of Vastu Homes

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The Ancient Indian Vedic Texts mention that living in Vastu Homes lead to the following Positive Effects:
•   Good Health, Wealth and Happiness for Everyone.
•   Increased Good Fortune, Good Reputation.
•   Prosperity and Abundance.
•   Stable Peace of Mind and Well Being
•   Increased Creativity and Success.Harmonious Relations and Great Comfort.
•   Coherent Thinking and Decision Making.
•   No Problems in Private and pprofessional Life.
•   Support of Nature in All areas of Life and Daily Living.
•   Fulfillment of All Desires.
•   Victory over Adversaries.
•   Longevity and Fulfillment


In addition to the above benefits, people who live and work according to Vastu find that they:
•   Think more Clearly and Creatively.
•   Make Better Decisions.
•   Feel Happier and Healthier.
•   Feel more Alert and Refreshed throughout the Day.
•   Enjoy More Restful and Refreshing Sleep.
•   Enjoy More Energy and Less Fatigue.
•   Experience less Stress and Greater Peace of Mind.
•   Feel Protected by Their Home.


According to the knowledge of Vastu, Houses and Offices not built in accordance with its Natural Laws may create problems like:
•   Anxiety, Depression.
•   Illness, Chronic Disease.
•   Blocks to Creativity.
•   Bad Luck, Financial Loss.
•   Obstacles to Progress and Success.
•   Disharmony in Relationships, Breakdown of Family.
•   Anti-social Behavior and even Criminal Tendency.


The possible Negative Effects of Inauspiciously Built Houses May Include:
•   Accidents and Sudden Serious Health Loss including Fatality.
•   Sudden Losses in the Family, Great misfortunes.
•   Anxiety and Constant Fears.
•   Calamities and Mental Afflictions.
•   Enmity and Quarrel, Criminal Tendencies.
•   Frailty of women.
•   Weakness, Ill-health, Chronic Diseases.
•   Lack of Creativity, Dullness, Constant Fatigue.
•   Paucity of Money, Financial Losses;  No Success  despite best efforts are made.
•   Mental Restlessness, No Peace of Mind.

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