Powerful Tips to celebrate ‘Holi’ as per World of Divine Vastu

27 Mar

Powerful Tips to celebrate ‘Holi’ as per World of Divine Vastu

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The importance of Vastu is such that we believe in associating every crucial aspect of our lives with it. And since Holi is here, there are many people who consider celebrating the festival as per Vastu. Here are some tips to keep in mind, as per Astrology and Vastu.

Colors of Holi
  • Burn Away the Negativity:

‘Holika Dahan’ or the lighting of bonfire takes place on the eve of Holi. The day is also popularly called ‘Chhoti Holi’. It is an extremely popular tradition and is celebrated with fervor throughout and is symbolic of Triumph of The Good over The Evil.

Triumph of The Good over The Evil

 Enhancement of the Moon energy strengthen your liquid cash.  It will give you lot of mental peace and strength besides connecting you with people.

Whenever you waste water, you are wasting liquid cash. By leaving the water tap open, leaking pipes, you are wasting your own liquid cash, mental capacity, and your resources.

So, on Holi, if you conserve water, if you play it in a sensible way, you are enhancing your moon and since it is ‘Purnima’ (Full Moon Day), the effects are much stronger. People should conserve water on Holi rather than wasting it. This is our social responsibility, as well.

  • Enhance your Saturn:

On Holi, lot of people indulge in drinking alcohol and consumption of ‘bhang’ and there is a lot of peer pressure where people push others to try various forms of intoxicants. This is very harmful as by doing so you spoil your own Saturn.

Saturn is a planet that gives you administration, strength and success and reward of your hard work.  Never take intoxicants inside a temple or in front of your kids, which may further spoil your Saturn.

  • Enhance your Venus:

Venus is a planet that gives luxury and material comforts, fame as well as discrimination between right and wrong. On Holi, planet Venus is extremely strong and tapping into its beneficial powers will bring positive results.

To enhance your Venus on Holi, you must apply natural colors and flower extracts freshly made at home. Because when you apply flower to each other your enhance Venus is enhanced in a simple and purest manner. One should also wear flowers around their necks, around hair and hands to enhance Venus.

  • Color Therapy (Strengthen ‘Muladhara Chakra’):

White, Yellow and Red colors are extremely powerful and have a positive effect on the day of Holi. One should wear white clothes and play Holi as when you do so on a ‘Purnima’ (Full Moon Day), it gives your Moon a lot of strength which proves beneficial for mind and education.

Muladhara Chakra

Playing Holi with bright colors increases strength of ‘Muladhara Chakra’ (Root Chakra) which gives more confidence in life. So, one must apply either red or yellow color on forehead. Applying red color boosts your confidence, takes away fear from your life. When you apply yellow color, it creates more passion in you and increases your ambition in a positive way. These two colors are immensely powerful.

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