Welcome New Year 2021 with Lucky Colors

21 Dec

Welcome New Year 2021 with Lucky Colors

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Happy New year 2021
Happy New Year 2021 from World of Divine Vastu

Let us be grateful for all the blessings in our life, but 2020 has been a challenging and downright difficult time. Can decorating your house or wearing certain colors help change the outcome for 2021? May or maybe not, but there is nothing wrong with having a little fun and trying a little change.  Colors are not only a huge part of fashion trends, but studies have shown wearing certain colors has proven to enhance people’s moods.  Some cultures even believe the right colors can bring about good luck. Those that believe this, often feel colors can attract good fortune, or repel it. Therefore, it is said you should choose the colors around you very carefully this coming New Year.  If you are wanting to bring about some luck in your life (and who does not!), choose some of these lucky colors for New Year’s Eve and then incorporate these colors into your wardrobe, home, surroundings and office décor for this New Year as well.

Lucky colors as they pertain to New Year’s Eve 2021 are as follows:

  • Blue. (Peace, Fidelity and Good Health) Those looking for a sense of peace should display blue candles in their home. Blue is generally a happy color, no matter what shade you choose. In some countries in Europe, they believe that this color can protect babies from getting a fever. If you are looking for wisdom, tranquility, good health or just are optimistic about the future, wear shades of blue.
  • Burgundy. (Success and Prosperity) This color symbolizes great success and prosperity. Wearing this coloring can help bring you luck and increase your wealth.
  • Fuchsia. (Luck and Emotional Stability) It is a vivid purplish red color, named after the color of the flower of the Fuchsia plant. For those that are looking for a little bit of luck when it comes to emotional stability, this is a great choice. Those who wear it often have luck connecting with themselves, as well as others.
  • Green. (Well-being, Calm and Combat Envy) In the theater, it is said that green should be avoided. However, this has to do with the limelight that were once used. Today it can bring about luck when it comes to areas of healing, health, and growth.
  • Orange. (Creativity and Fertility) This color denotes feelings of liveliness, motivation, and happiness and can help the wearer with wisdom.
  • Pink. (Friendship, Good Relationship) Is your love life in need of a little bit of luck this coming year? Wear pink. It is believed that it can encourage intimacy, affection, and love.
  • Purple. (Success, Completion of Projects and Wisdom) This is one royal color, literally. Since early on purple has been the color of choice among royalty. Wearing it can bring about luck in areas of wisdom, passion, and creativity. It is also a great choice for those that are looking for professional success.
  • Red. (Love, Strength and Security) This color is also an excellent choice for those looking for love & passion. It can also bring about luck in areas associated with work and those who are looking for positions of power. Red is also associated with security & stability.
  • White. (Purification and Tranquility) In some countries, such as Brazil, they believe that wearing white will bring about good luck and peace throughout the New Year. It also should be worn by those that are seeking new beginnings and opportunities.
  • Yellow. (Joy and Happiness) Wearing this vibrant color can bring about luck for those that are dealing with financial troubles. It can lift the wearer’s spirits and provide them with a clear head and a cheerful mood.
  • Gold. (Wealth, Prosperity) Gold is synonymous with wealth, but do not always think of it as financial.  You can also gain a wealth of experience, a wealth of knowledge or a wealth of love and support from friends and family.
  • Magenta. (Harmony, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Balance)

Bring in Harmony and Balance in life through Emotional, Mental and Spiritual well-being.

If spending money for new clothes or paint is not currently in the budget, do not worry, display some lucky colors in the form of stones, plants, flowers, a throw blanket, pillows, towels, or even a bowl of colorful fruits.

World of Divine Vastu Good Luck Tips for the New Year 2021

  • Clean Your House
    It is important that you clean your home before New Year’s Day. This will allow you to get rid of any negative energy that has collected over the year. Get rid of any clutter as well.  Space clearing removes negative and stagnant energy from the home. If you have the time, fix things that are broken. If they cannot be fixed, consider throwing the item away.  You want energy to flow through your home and items that are broken can block energy.

Just make sure you do not clean your home on January 1st, as it will just get rid of any good luck that you do have. When you are cleaning, practice the cleaning energy process. 

  • Cleanse the Energy in your Home:

Stand in the center of your home.Clear your mind of any thoughts. Ring a bell several times so that your entire home is filled with only that sound. You may use Lord Buddha’s/Tibetan Singing Bowl for ‘sound bath’ of your home and living. Light sandalwood incense. Burning Sage (Salvia officinalis; सेज जड़ी – बूटी) is another option.

mortar and pestle
  • Be in The Right Dress and State of Mind
    Keep in mind that the first words you say in the New Year will set the tone for the next twelve months. Say I love you if you are with loved ones.  Then perhaps something about good health, happiness, and wealth for all around you. Give thanks for the year that has passed & all the good things that will come in 2021. Looking back over the last 12 months, be grateful for the challenges you have been handed. It is in these obstacles that we learn to conquer, discovering the courage it takes to align ourselves with what we truly seek. Clear your mind of negative thoughts & feelings.  Stay positive on New Year’s Day. Do not get angry at anyone. Try to stay in a good mood and be cheerful. It is also important that you wear red of some sort to bring about a bright New Year. You can opt for a red outfit or a few red accessories.  We suggest a new red/cherry colored wallet to start the New Year. Make sure to keep some cash in your wallet.
  • Have a Bowl of Round Fruits
    Have a bowl of round fruits including apples & oranges.  Both colors will attract positive energy in the new year.
Bowl full with round fruits
  • Add Plants

Add plants with round leaves, preferably purple or red to bring wealth good energy. Plants also cleanse the air.  Place the plant in the South-East corner of your home.

  • Keep Your Toilet Lids Down
    You do not want to flush your money down the toilet. Close the lid before flushing and keep it closed.

Your present circumstances do not determine where you can go. They merely determine where you start.

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again”.

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