Vastu is not Religion based – It is fully relevant in Modern Times for ALL

12 Mar

Vastu is not Religion based – It is fully relevant in Modern Times for ALL

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Religion plays no role in Vastu. Vastu is based on Universal Principles of planetary forces and elements. Religion is based on an individual’s belief. Hindus have developed Vastu shastra, but being an Art and Science of Structures, it can be used and applied irrespective of the religion. Though Vastu Shastra is based on Hindu philosophy, it can be practiced by anyone regardless of one’s religious affinity.


Vastu Shastra is also known as the old age Indian Architectural Science. The primary aim of Vastu Shastra is to bring positive energies into Home by making some architectural changes. It helps in ensuring a cordial relation between Man and Nature thereby bringing happiness, health, wealth and prosperity. The origin of Vastu Shastra dates back to around 1000 years back. In those times, people were relying on the elements of nature to fulfill all their basic needs. For example, Sun for Light & heat, Wind for cool breeze, rivers & rain for Water and Fire for heat protection. Therefore, the principles of the Building Science created during those days were based on the effects of different elements of nature on our body and mind. We recognize them as FIVE ELEMENTS or ‘PANCHBHOOTAs’.


Through more research, experts came up with different Vastu Zones in a home with each Zone relating to a specific force or energy. The modern concept of Vastu Shastra is more effective and powerful, the basic doctrines of Vastu Zones are still adopted in Vastu.

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