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A happy married life is the dream of every person. It is an ironical fact that not everyone’s marriage goes the way they had planned. There might be several reasons but it can also be due to high influence of negative energies around you. Here are some tips:


· The couple’s bedroom should not be in the south-east direction as according to Vastu it is a place for Fire. It increases the conflicts and irritation. Ideally, the bedroom should be placed in the south-west corner of the house.


· Paintings that symbolize death, quarrels, violence or any negative aspect of life are not permissible in the house.


· Knife and even scissors in the dining place or kitchen should always be kept covered. The pickles should be essentially covered as pickle display spreads sourness in relation also.


· The bedroom shape should be square or rectangular. Irregularly shaped bedrooms are not recommended.


· As for the color of the bedroom, green, light blue and rose pink are ideal ones. While light colors are preferable, avoid red.


· Single identity such as one bird, one butterfly, duck are not advisable. Prefer the pairs always.


· Avoid bringing any office work in the bedroom.


· Couples who aspire for children should avoid sleeping in a room in north- east direction.


· Do not place any mirror in the bedroom. Television and computer are also prohibited in couple’s room. It is better to cover them with cloth at night.


· Analyze the position of gas and sink in the kitchen. One represents the Fire and other Water. Their wrong placement will add bitterness in the relations affecting relations in a family.


· In the room, the bed should be in the south-west portion, with the head-side in the south direction.


· Wooden beds should be preferred, as per Vastu.


· Many-a-times there occurs friction between family members. This is mainly because of the positioning of the gas stove and sink. While the gas stove represents agni (fire), the sink stands for water. Sharp objects such as knife and scissors should be covered. The same is applicable to pickles as well. Openly placed knife and scissors or pickles creates sourness in relations.


· Couples aspiring for children should never sleep in a north-east room. The strong magnetic energies act as a barrier. Also, make sure that the room does not have sharp colors or objects.


· Never sleep under the beam. It causes unnecessary pressure and is also detrimental to health.


Following these simple tips one can regain the spice and love in married life.
Have a happy married life.

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