Divine Vastu Tips for Gainful Investments on Diwali & many more

12 Nov

Divine Vastu Tips for Gainful Investments on Diwali & many more

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Divine Vastu Tips for Gainful Investments on Diwali 
With Diwali round the corner, festive spirit is already in the air. Not only household buying but small and big investments are also planned. Whether it is real estate dealer or gold saving scheme, everyone is busy wooing their prospects to invest in their projects or schemes. If you too are planning to make some investments then by adopting some easy to apply Divine Vastu remedies you can enjoy many fold returns on your investments. 
For New Home 
While investing you must ensure that the property complies with Vastu principles. You can get it evaluated or check it yourself in 4 Steps by analyzing location of entrance, rooms, objects and balance of five elements. If the property is in sync with Vastu norms, then it will prove more gainful for you, whether you use it for yourself or you sale it. 
For Shares and Commodities 
If you are planning to invest in Shares and commodities this Diwali then you must ensure right placement of your computer that you use for share-trading. Keeping it in East-South-East zone will lead to wrong decisions leading to loss in investments. According to Directions of Alchemy in Vastu Shastra, better would be to keep it on Western wall of your house or office 
For Gold 
With rising prices and wedding season on the verge, Gold is the preferred investment for many people. According to DivineVastu Deepawali 2012, it will be particularly beneficial to buy gold ‘Dhanteras’. After bringing home, you must keep it in Diwali pooja. Afterwards they must be kept in the locker. This Vastu remedy will augment your wealth. If you already have Gold saved in South-South-West direction in your home, then care must be taken to remove them before doing Diwali Pooja. 
For Important Documents 
All important documents relating to Property, Investment, and Bank Loan etc. must be shifted from East-South-East to the zone of gains and profits i.e. West. So, this Diwali, ensure your investments bring more gains and prosperity in your home.  
Remove negative vibes from your house 
‘Kali Chaudash’ is one of the best days to remove all kinds of negativities from your home. On day of ‘Kali Chaudash’, that is, the second day of Diwali, you should worship either Goddess Kali or Lord Hanuman in order to remove negativities from physical, mental and emotional bodies. Several methods have been mentioned in Hindu religious scriptures of Vedas that remove negative effects from homes and offices. Here are some tips to protect your home from evil spirits. Not only that, these tips will also help you find peace and happiness at home. All these methods are meant to protect the individuals / home and business places from evil spirits, evil eyes, black magic, psychic attacks or any other type of negative forces. 
1. Offer ‘Guggal Dhoop’ 
During Diwali, you may offer ‘Guggal Dhoop’ to each and every part of your home. The entire team of Vastu Purusha, consisting of
 ·  ‘Dwar Pal’ (Protector of Doors), 
 ·   ‘Kshetra Pal’ (Protector of Regions), 
 ·   ‘Dik Pal’ (Protector of Directions) regains energy by this ‘Dhoop’. Besides, ‘Guggal Dhoop’ removes stress from the domestic environment and instills harmony in the family. You may also offer ‘Guggal Dhoop’ every day to maintain the positive energy in your home.
2. Spray Salty Water 
Mix salt in water and spray this salted water in each and every corner of your home on regular basis, especially around the time of Diwali. It is believed that salt absorbs all the negativity from air, purifies the environment and helps you be happy and content. You may perform this remedy twice a week. Don’t forget to wash your hands after spraying the water.       
The prime most things to take care of are Colors, whether it is on walls, on curtains, on furniture, in lampshades or in Rangoli.   
Documented research in Vastu Shastra has clearly highlighted the influence of colors on your life – on your thoughts, emotions and behavior and even on the outcome of your efforts. You will be surprised to know that even a wrong color in your photo-frame can severely affect your relationships. So, this Diwali while redoing the interiors you must ensure that all the colors all well placed in accordance to attributes of16 Vastu Zones in your home
For example, North is the zone of Money and new opportunities. You must avoid Red, Orange, Pink and violet shades in this zone. You can take blue, green, brown, chocolate, white and allied shades here to attract more money. 
Reverse is the preference for Southern zones in your home. Green and cream colors can be used in both the directions.  
Similarly, use of green, brown, and cream color in East will improve your beneficial social connectivity. 
And, use of golden, yellow, white and grey colors in West zone will attract more gains and profits  
Buying new interior object for your home? Keep Vastu directions in mind  
Diwali is the time when markets are flooded with sparkling shops, latest items and festival offers to attract your attention. Many of you must have readied your shopping list by now.    
Whether it is a painting, photograph, sculpture or home appliance; before making final purchase decision it is very important to decide the right direction to keep it in your home or work place. Practical case studies in Vastu have proved that every object in your surrounding space programs your inner mind (subconscious mind). 
For example, by placing a dancing couple’s photograph or painting in South-South-West, the zone of disposal, you are unknowingly programming your space to attract problems in your marriage. Ideally, such an artifact can be placed in South-West which is the zone of Love, Relationships and family bonding. 
Similarly, if you are buying a new flower vase, then a yellow vase will be ideal for South of South West as this will control your wasteful expenses. 
You can also place a Money plant in blue flower vase in North zone. This will help you attract more money and new opportunities to grow in life.   
So, while buying new interior objects for your home, you can ensure Vastu benefits and make your Diwali a real prosperous one. 
Diwali: Lighting to Enlightening   
This Diwali, while lighting beautiful and colorful lights in your home, remember to enlighten your inner self too.  Lights have a deep impact on our inner mind (subconscious mind). These have the power to awaken the dormant energies lying in 16 Vastu zones in our homes. By lighting appropriate light in the right direction you can get desired results.
 ·         For example, if you are feeling lack of clarity towards your goals, you are unable to see your life in a broader perspective, then just light a spot light in the North-East, the zone of mental clarity and wisdom. It will improve your connectivity with your higher self. You will also start receiving solutions for your problems. 
 ·         Similarly, if you feel your hard work is going unrecognized and unnoticed, people are not appreciating your brands; you need to light a red bulb in the south zone of your home. You will experience a sudden change in people’s attitude towards your work.  
 ·         When lit in South-East, it will help you realize your blocked payments
 ·         A white light or CFL in West will work amazingly to increase your gains and profits. You will start getting results of your efforts as per your expectations. Wish you an Enlightening Diwali!     
Is Broom in your home kept in the right direction?   
 Diwali is on the verge and cleaning is going around everywhere since clean and organized home is the key to attract riches and prosperity. Documented research in Vastu Shastra has revealed amazing facts. It shows each and every object in your home creates a particular effect in your Inner mind (subconscious mind) and thus affects your life accordingly. No matter if it is a meager cleaning aid like broom that is a trifle yet very useful object in our homes.   
Brooms must be placed in the right direction else they can create adverse effects. For example, 
 ·         If placed in North, the zone of money and opportunities, it will wipe off these aspects from your life. ·         Similarly, in North-East, it will make you feel confused. 
 ·         With broom placed in East zone, you will lose your social connectivity – at times you can get into disputes with your neighbors. 
 ·         Ideally, you should keep brooms in South-South-West zone of your home as it is the zone of disposal and is responsible to throw out wastes from your life. 
·         Next option is West-North-West, the zone of depression and low moods. By placing a broom in this zone of your home you can improve your capacity to let go of your past and celebrate Diwali with more joy and happiness.    
1. Set your Pooja room correctly
  • The North-East corner of a house is perfectly suitable for a Pooja Ghar. Therefore, if possible, set the Pooja Ghar in this particular direction, if not, you may place it in the East.
  • It is advisable that you avoid using color black in the interiors of this sacred place.
  • Keep a new and clean piece of cloth aside for the purpose of cleaning the photos and idols. Do not use this cloth for any other purpose.
  •  Avoid wearing black and dark colors while performing Pooja.
  • Use new cloths to clean the photos or idols, and use them for this purpose only.
  • Put pictures of water and ‘kalash’ in the east or north of the pooja room.
  • The idols must not face the door of the pooja room or one another.
  • Do not keep photos of those who have passed away in the pooja room.
  • Do not keep two idols of the same god at the pooja place.
  • Place idols in the north-east direction in the pooja room.

2. Place the idols right 

 The Northern portion of a home is associated with wealth. Hence, ideally, the Lakshmi pooja should be conducted in that location. 
 ·         However, do not keep two idols of the same god in the pooja ghar.
 ·          Lord Ganesha should be kept on the left side of the Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati should be placed on the right side of Goddess Lakshmi.
 ·         Idols of all of these God and Goddess should be in sitting form. 
 ·         Place idols in the North-East direction and pictures of water and ‘Kalash’ in the east or north of the pooja room. 
 ·         While you put idols and images of gods, make sure that they are not put in a way that they would face the door of the pooja room or one another.
3. Get rid of waste and clutter
  • Before the festival of Diwali, throw away all unwanted and useless items that have been lying around in the house and create some space for the new.
  • As per the Vastu Shastra, the front door is related to opportunities. Therefore, make sure that the front door of your home opens fully and no clutter is stored behind it, otherwise the divine energies and opportunities may not enter your home.
  • The main hall is the place where you primarily connect with the external world so it should always be neat, beautiful and welcoming. Don’t keep unnecessary and old stuff in this room, for they don’t generate positive vibes.

4.  Let the Water Flow A source of running water is very good for the house. It is said that flowing water absorbs all the negativity in the house and takes it along. That is why place a small water fountain in the north-east direction of the house.  

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