Divine Vastu Tips to Purify your Home this Diwali (2012)

09 Nov

Divine Vastu Tips to Purify your Home this Diwali (2012)

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At the onset of Diwali festival, Vastu Shastra lays a lot of emphasis on the right ‘Muhurat’ so that maximum
 advantage can be achieved. The ancient Indian Vedic knowledge of Architectural Science, the ‘Sthapataya Veda’, also supports this tradition and highly recommends that auspicious activities like ‘Vastu Pujan’, ‘Griha Pravesh’ etc. must be performed during a ‘Shubh Muhurat’ or auspicious time.
Diwali is the best among all festivals as it brightens up lives with prosperity and happiness. Some tested and highly effective Vastu practices are given below which will help homeowners be blessed by fortune, health, progress and peace in their lives.


1. De-clutter/De-junk:
Throw the useless old things in your home as they obstruct the positive energy from entering in. Make your home neat and clean this Diwali. It will pave the way for prosperity and dissipate stagnant energy too.


2. Decorate:
Embellish the main door with a ‘Toran’ made with mango leaves and garland of marigold flowers to bring good luck, happiness and success to your home. ‘Toran’ symbolizes nature’s abundance and attracts blessings of God. If the above ‘Toran’ not available than any other ‘Toran’ with auspicious symbols can be also used.


3. Place earmarked for valuables:
According to Vastu Shastra, the North direction is ruled by lord of wealth, ‘Kubera’ and is known as ‘Kubera-sthana’. This direction is the best place for keeping the safe/locker where you keep your valuables. Keeping a statue of Goddess ‘Lakshmi’ in the safe with your valuables saves and increases them.


4. ‘Jala-sthana’:
Keeping water reservoirs in the East direction is considered very auspicious. It will help to start new projects and make progress in life.


5. Recharge Money Inflow:
Take a metal bowl (Silver/Copper/Steel), fill it with water, and place it in the North direction of your house. Then put one silver coin with pictures of Goddess ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Ganesha’ in this water bowl. Place the bowl in the North or East window of the house and let it receive maximum exposure of the light. If there is no window in these directions then you can place a mirror on North wall and place the bowl near it. After keeping this water bowl in North take three coins, wrap them up in red silken cloth or a pouch and place/stick them next to the water bowl. Kept it there for five days from November 11 to 15, 2012. On November 15, 2012, take all these four coins and place them together in same red pouch/cloth. Now keep these ‘Energized Coins’ at your money place/locker until next Diwali. Do not forget to pour the bowl water in any potted plant only inside the house, not outside the house. This will charge up the North Zone Energy and will lead to increase in money inflow.


6. Right manner to keep Earthen Lamps/‘Diyas’:
The number of ‘diyas’ to be kept on the parapet and the boundary wall should be in multiples of four, as each ‘diya’ represents the reigning deities of Diwali i.e., Goddess ‘Lakshmi’, Lord ‘Ganesha’, ‘Kubera’ and ‘Indra’. You should not separate them.


7. ‘Rangoli’:
Make ‘Rangoli’ near the entrance of the house and in front of the ‘Puja’/Prayer room for creating a positive environment. Preferably, use the traditional materials viz. sand or rice powder mixed with food colors for creating ‘Rangoli’.


8. ‘Brahmasthana’:
Keeping a crystal bowl filled with water and rose petals in the ‘Brahmasthana’/central place of the house also brings positive vibes to your home. Float five ‘diyas’ or candles in it and light them after sunset.


9. Mirror Positivity:
Place mirrors on the North and East walls of your house as they symbolically duplicate the positive energy of ‘Kuber-sthana’ and ‘Indra-sthana’ and bring in knowledge and wealth.


10. Prosperity Trail:
Welcome Goddess ‘Lakshmi’ to the ‘Puja’ room by stamping small footprints systematically from the entrance of the house to the ‘Puja’ room. These footprints are supposed to bring wealth, happiness and prosperity in the house.


11. Direction of the Deity:
According to Vastu, the statues of Goddess ‘Lakshmi’ and Lord ‘Ganesha’, ‘Indra’ and ‘Kubera’ must be placed in such a manner that the face of worshipper should be towards North-East or North or East direction while praying.
These simple steps would certainly contribute towards bringing positivity in your household and bestow overall fortune.

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