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Diwali, as we all know, is associated with the worship of ‘Lakshmi’, the Goddess of Wealth. Apart from the general merry-making and exchange of gifts and sweets, one should make sure that they are doing everything right to welcome wealth, health and prosperity into their homes. These simple Vastu tips ensure you get blessings of wealth and prosperity.

Time to De-clutter
Get your home ready for Diwali by throwing away all those unwanted things that you have lying around the house, as you need to make way for the new by getting rid of everything old and useless. Dispose off all those old magazines, clothes, broken furniture, crockery or children’s toys that are never going to be used.
The Magic of 27
Move 27 things in your home on Diwali in appropriate directions as per Vastu principles,and watch as fortune invades your life. Moving 27 things is harder than you think, but remember it will also be counted if you just move salt and pepper shakers so they sit on the other side of each other.

Clean It Up
Clean the entire house, including those neglected corners, which are seldom attended to. If possible energize your apartment or building by either whitewashing or applying a fresh coat of paint, as the final step towards giving your home a brand new look.

Water-fountain charm
A water fountain can be extremely valuable, especially if placed in North, East or South-East direction. Fresh water is symbolic of good health. But, the water fountain should be proportionate in size to the room. Place a cascade of water outside your front door, preferably on the right-hand side of the door.

Light up
The reason why ‘light’ is an important feature of Diwali is that it is supposed to ward off evil spirits, bring in prosperity and energize the surroundings. It is also believed that homes that are well-lit are always more in tune with attracting wealth, so make sure that your home is shining nice and bright this Diwali.

Invite Right
Your main door must look bright and inviting for Goddess ‘Lakshmi’ to enter your home and shower her blessings. The small footprints which are usually drawn with a mix of rice flour and vermilion symbolize the goddess’ entry into your home, so let your creativity flow with beautiful ‘rangoli’ designs and traditional motifs. An image of ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Ganesha’ placed on the front door enhances positive energy and dispels negativity.
Another interesting décor idea as per Vastu is the display of colorful ‘bandanwars’/’Torans’ or door hangings, for that traditional look during the festive season. The designs, colors, bells and mirrors used in making these door-hangings give your home a beautiful look as well as create the perfect ambience for attracting prosperity. ‘Toran’ fixed on the main door brings good luck. A string of marigold flowers and mango leaves tied to the frame of the main door represents nature’s abundance and attracts good luck. Refill your normal sugar reserves in the kitchen to ensure sweet days ahead.
This Diwali, address the following directions to achieve specific results:
East:                      A water feature will help you start new projects.
South:                  Hang pictures that inspire you to achieve more.
South-East:         A bowl of fresh water on top of a 100 Dollars note for your business’s prosperity.
South-West:      A clay pot with yellow flowers will increase savings.
West:                    Place a piggy bank to enhance your energy to work and make money.
North:                   To improve cash flow and speed up recovery, hang a crystal ball.
North-West:      Keep your bank/investment papers in this sector.

‘Pooja’ special
The northern sector of a home is associated with wealth. Hence, ideally, the ‘Lakshmi Pooja’ should be conducted in that location. Prayers, songs and rituals are all designed to welcome the goddess home and attract health and wealth. It is said that cleanliness, light and fragrance are essential in enhancing your wealth prospects, so make sure that your home is in accordance to these prerequisites for Diwali celebrations. Apart from devotional music, let soothing tunes permeate the air throughout the day and fill your home with the right ambience for prosperity.

Get your pooja room ready for ‘Lakshmi Pooja’ this Diwali with these Vastu tips:
·         Use new cloths to clean the photos or idols, and use them for this purpose only.
·         Put pictures of water and ‘kalash’ in the East or North of the ‘pooja’ room.
·         The idols must not face the door of the ‘pooja’ room or one another.
·         Do not keep photos of those who have passed away in the ‘pooja’ room.
·         Do not keep two idols of the same god at the ‘pooja’ place.
·         Place idols in the North-East direction in the ‘pooja’ room.

Gift it right
Diwali shopping lists are of course quite exhaustive. In order to attract wealth as per Vastu, it is a good idea to include gold and utensils too. Apart from jewelry, gold and silver coins are accepted gifts for promoting prosperity. It is also suggested that the coins which are used during the ‘Pooja’ should later be stored in red pouches with golden strings, as they are believed to be symbols of blessings from ‘Lakshmi’ and bearers of good luck throughout the year.

Count your Blessings
Diwali is the ideal time to chalk out your financial goals for the year, or review them if required. Vastu suggests that you write down your wealth aspirations. Another tip is to take three coins, wrap them up in red cloth, and place them next to a water bowl in the North. The area must be uncluttered and kept clean at all times. Focus on your goals regularly, and the wealth gods shall surely smile on you this Diwali.

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