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 Karva Chauth


‘Karva Chauth’ is a one day festival for women. They keep the fast for husband’s longevity and safety. For most women, ‘Karva Chauth’ is a big day. It is considered as one of the toughest fast in the Hindu religion. Basically it is for married women but unmarried women also observe this fast for their fiancé or desired husband. They not only fast without food and water but also put in an extra bit to dress up impeccably well. ‘Karva Chauth’ is celebrated on the fourth day of ‘Krishna Paksh’ of the ‘Kartik’ month. ‘Chauth’ means fourth and ‘Karwa’ is an earthen pot with a spout, a symbol of peace and prosperity.

So while all the preparations are done and you are all decked up, there might be few things that have definitely skipped your mind. Since the day is not just about to be without food and water and look good.

There are certain things according to the science of ‘Vastu Shastra’ that can help you have positive effects to your efforts. Follow these simple tips to bring in long lasting happiness in your relationship.

Eating ‘Sargi’ in the Morning

While eating ‘Sargi’ or ‘Baya’ in the morning, sit in the North-East or East direction as this direction is of positive energy. This will keep you full of energy and positivity throughout the day.


Indian Veg Thali On White

Dressing Up

While choosing an outfit, opt for shades of red, orange or pink. Blacks, blues and greys should be avoided. Wear red or pink ‘Bindi’ as these colors represent honor, love and prosperity.


Traditional Indian Girl wearing bangles in her hand. 


 Selecting Jewelry

Go for jewelry in gold and pearl as they have a positive effect on the body, helping you change the aura altogether.

Doing up the Room

Remove clutter from your bedroom, especially from under the bed. Place fresh flowers in the South-West direction of the room as this will hold your relationship in a firm binding.

Sitting Down for Prayer (‘Pooja’)

Avoid selecting the ‘Pooja Sthan’ in the bedroom as it houses distraction.

Ending the Fast (‘Vrat’)

At the time of ending the ‘Vrat’ and offering to the moon, select the North-Western corner to seek the moon’s blessings. This will work towards enhancing love and strengthen your relationship with your husband.

Puja Thali for Karva Chauth




Vastu Perspective and ‘Karva Chauth’:

In Nature, all five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) are in balance. Vastu Shastra is the architectural science that can create maximum harmony in a relationship through a unique process of balancing the five elements in your home. It allows for the beneficial energy to be readily available to support your desire for peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Each of the five elements is associated with a direction and each direction has a particular influence on us. Different aspects of relationships are most optimally supported in a specific direction. When there is stress caused by finances, sexual imbalances, overwork, inability to communicate, children, and health challenges, relationships do not thrive. The North-East area of your residence is associated with the Water Element and can influence the growth of your relationships. The South-East area of your home is associated with the Fire Element. The South-East influences the energy needed to have lively relationships due to the Fire Element. The South-West area of your residence is associated with the Earth Element. The South-West influences the stability of your relationships. The North-West area of your home is associated with the Air Element. The North-West influences the ability to create and communicate. The Central area (‘Brahmasthan’) of a residence is associated with the Space Element. If this area is open there will be good communication in relationships. If there is clutter, restroom, a kitchen or no open space in the central area of a home, there will be disagreements.






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