Divine Vastu Tips for Recession

06 Jan

Divine Vastu Tips for Recession

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Recession has been everybody’s focus since 2008 as well as this year. Many industries, specially the Manufacturing industries and IT/BPO businesses, have either deferred promotions of employees or laid them off. Many employees are either pressurized at work, searching for job or sitting at home.
Every situation is foreplay of thoughts and energy. There is always a solution to subtle any situation by adding or removing some energy from it. Vastu energy is one of the solutions. You can add positive Vastu energy to your home or workplace for your betterment.
Few simple tips are:
  • Keep your cash and valuables facing North and in North zone of your house. North is the direction of ‘Kuber’ (wealth) and keeping your cash/valuables in North will increase your inflow and decrease expenses.
  • Sleep with your head in South or East. Sleep is the tonic for revitalizing our body. A good sleep is very helpful in stressful situations. With head towards S or E, we are in sync with the earth magnetic field and get charged up easily. Always try to keep your mental baggage outside your bedroom. Use clean and soothing bed sheets for good sleep.
  • Remove negative energy from your house or workplace by making it clutter free and clean.Throw or sell away unnecessary things/ furniture and other junks.·        Root Chakra gets affected during instability of career. Red is the color for ’Root Chakra’. Wear more reds; keep red painting or decorative elements in your house and work place, for treatment of ‘Root Chakra’.
  • Keep and nourish money plant in your house or workplace. A growing money plant symbolizes growth and prosperity.
  • Activate North-West region of your house or workplace. North-West is the region for movement, and is ruled by Air element. At home, you can setup an office in this region. Activating North- West region can help stagnant situations fade away.
Recession is not anything unusual and is not something happening to only one person. So relax. Try to live a simpler life, save money, and if possible find few alternative means for earning.

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