How Vastu Improves Your Sex Life?

28 Jul

How Vastu Improves Your Sex Life?

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How Vastu Improves Your Sex Life?
Sex remains a taboo subject despite the hype and hoopla of sexual revolution. Most people still talk in hushed tones about this subject. However, sex is important. Whether you admit it or not, it is the foundation on which the institution of marriage rests.

Any problem in this area and the impact is felt in all aspects of married life. The factors that contribute to marital satisfaction, besides sex, are age at the time of marriage, physical attraction, compatibility of socio-economic backgrounds, similar goals and interests, children and so on. However, why do some compatible married couples experience hiccups in their sex lives? The mystery lies more on the outside than in the mind. This is where Vastu fits in. It is true that Vastu Shastra does not have anything exclusive on enhancing ones sex life, but it does provide enough inputs to make your life rock in bed. All it requires is an expert who can interpret it in our context. The first and foremost consideration for a happy sexual life is making the environment conducive to total enjoyment. Vastu can help you achieve that.

The Importance of Your Bedroom:
Your bedroom is as important as the person you sleep with! The location of your bedroom in the house does influence your sex life.

Let us see how: ·     

Ensure that your bedroom reflects you and your spouse’s personality and is aligned to the needs of both. For the prerequisite, for good sex is to get into the mood, especially for women, it is important that the bedroom be arranged accordingly. It may surprise you to know that by following the principles of Vastu you can make your bedroom your sex zone, irrespective of its location. ·        
Make your bedroom exclusive for intimacy by getting items that remind you of work out of sight. For example, there should be no briefcases, files, aprons, dusters, and the like, visible in the room. ·        Nature has a way to soothe and relax the mind, so bring it into your bedroom by placing fresh flowers on the North-East side of the room. The freshness and fragrance of flowers help in enhancing the feelings of love. ·        
Clutter in any form is akin to a jarring note in a carefully arranged piece of music. Because making music in bed is your aim, never allow clothes, shoes, papers, toiletry items, and so on to lie around in the room. Put them systematically in their respective places. A neat and clean look enhances romantic feelings. ·        The head of the bed should ideally point towards the south, even though no one expects you to point your head towards the south during your play in bed! However, ensure the door to the bedroom is clearly visible from your bed. ·        
Although a mirror is not recommended in the bedroom and should always be covered when not in use, it enhances pleasure while making love. ·        
If there is a prayer corner in your bedroom, partition it out, so that you can engage in sex without getting distracted by pious thoughts ·        
A bedroom to the South or South-West provides stability in a marital relationship. A couple staying in this bedroom enjoys long-term physical attraction towards each other that generally translates into good physical relations. The occupants always remain in control of their lives, even their sex lives, in this room.  ·        South-East, the ‘Agni’ corner, is associated with heat and brings fiery passions to the fore. A couple generally desires instant sexual gratification in this bedroom. Little wonder, this direction assures an active life between the sheets! Be warned, though, that this direction can also make you short tempered, leading to frequent tiffs with your spouse. Do not make it your permanent bedroom. ·        
A bedroom to the North is ideal for young couples. Sex in this direction is not only satisfying, but also most enjoyable. Care should be taken in arranging the bed in this room. The headboard of the bed should not point towards the North. ·        
A newly married couple can enjoy great sex in the North-West bedroom. This is because ‘Vaayu’, the God of Wind, who governs this direction, provides sexual energy for those steamy sessions. Nevertheless, this bedroom does not promote stay for longer periods. ·        
A bedroom to the West is most fertile and is a perfect prop for a satisfying love life. According to Vastu Shastra, there is more probability of girls being born, than boys, in this direction. If your bedroom is not in any of these directions, do not worry. There are remedies to make your existing bedroom your sex zone.

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