Root out the obstacles in life through Vastu

22 Jul

Root out the obstacles in life through Vastu

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Our environment and our lives are simple composition of five basic elements (‘Panchabhoota’). These elements are present everywhere and our life revolves around it. 
Water is primary and essential element, which governs North-East direction according to Vastu. This direction has spiritual energies, peace, quietness as well as it gives us knowledge.
Fire element is associated with South-East direction. In kitchen, fire is needed to cook food. Thus, Vastu suggest creating your kitchen here. This direction can bless you with both kind of health; physical or professional.

Air is another essential element, which keeps it Lordship on the North-West direction. Without air, we cannot live and without relationship, we cannot survive at home or place of work. We need to communicate and also mentors to guide. All this we can get by enhancing positive energies of the North West direction.

Space or Centre is the next element, which governs the central area of a room or structure. It gives the vision to see yourself how you want to be. 

The last element is Earth; it represents the South-West direction. This direction should be raised high higher than other areas of the room or house. It is related to security and stability in life. Sitting in this area gives you authority to keep hold on your home and business.

Obstacles come in life by the imbalances of these five elements. Vastu remedies help to eliminate the obstacles in your life. Add vibrancy to that area using crystals, light, wind chimes, plants or pictures that makes you feel good.

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