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Vastu Shastra takes into account the various natural energieswhich are available free of cost around us on Earth like Solar Energy fromSun, Lunar Energy from Moon, Earth Energy, Sky Energy, Electric Energy,Magnetic Energy, Thermal Energy, Wind Energy, Light Energy and Cosmic Energy.


According toVastu Shastra, energy lines run like a large grid across the Earth, fromNorth to South and from East to West.The electromagnetic field thusgenerated, affects the human body at the cellular level and controls the organsof the human body. It is believed that when a structure is placed on Earth,the equilibrium is affected because it breaks the electromagnetic field grid.Hence, this needs to be restored so that the energy flows harmoniously. Thegoal of Vastu is to restore balance between the building structure and thecosmos because when buildings echo the underlying cosmic principles, theyvibrate in harmony with the universe. These vibrations also affect the inmatesof these buildings in a positive way creating peace, prosperity and money inour lives.


According to Vastu, the movement of energy through a 4-sidedbuilding is similar to the flow of energy across the Earth. In Vastu Shastra,it is believed that ‘prana’ or positive energy flows into the house earlyin the morning from the North-East direction and meanders towards theSouth-East and North-West corners before heading out through the South-Westcorner at night.


The main aim of Vastu Shastra is that humans should strive toabsorb positive energy or ‘prana’ throughout the day as it is beneficial to ourbodies and our health. So in Vastu, the layout plan of a house is basedon the position of ‘prana’ during the day and the functions of each room. Thus, the rooms that are mostly used in the morning like the Pooja room,Bathrooms etc are placed in the North-East and the Bedrooms to which we retireat night are placed in the South-West.


Vastu Shastra, broadly, prescribes the followinglayout for a house, based on the usual human activities from morning untilnight.
·3 A.M. to 6 A.M. early in the morning, justbefore sunrise is called the ‘Brahma Muhurat’ and the Sun is in the North-East.Hence, this is the right location for a Meditation room/Pooja room.
·6 A.M. to 9 A.M: the Sun is in theEast. This is the right time for bathing and so the East is logically the bestposition for the Bathroom.
·9 A.M. to 12 noon: the Sun is in theSouth-East and this is a good time to prepare and eat food. Hence, a Kitchen isbest located in the South-East.
·Noon to 3 P.M: the Sun is in the South andsince this is the right time for resting, it makes sense to have the Bedroomsin the South.
·3 P.M. to 6 P.M: the Sun is in theSouth-West and this is the right time for studying and so the South-West is agood position for a Study.
·6 P.M. to 9 P.M in the evening: isthe right time for having dinner. The Sun is in the West at this time, thoughit may not be visible. Hence, the West is a good time place for a Dining Room.
·9 P.M at night to 3 A.M. in the morning: the Sunis in the North and this is the right time for rest and sleep.

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