Divine Vastu Tips for a Joyous Holiday Season, Christmas and New Year Resolutions 2015

05 Dec

Divine Vastu Tips for a Joyous Holiday Season, Christmas and New Year Resolutions 2015

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Everyone is waiting with bated breath for another New Year, wondering what 2015 will bring. Make it prosperous and joyous by following a few Vastu guidelines. Gains, gifts, joyous time, better opportunities and a great life are forthcoming. Children and adults alike can look forward to desired gifts and good surprises.
The holidays are mainly about three things: The coming together of friends and family; Resolutions for the New Year and Giving to others. Make your family gatherings joyous, harmonious, stress-free celebrations through Vastu by balancing the five elements (‘Panch Maha-bhootas’) in your home. Why not apply Vastu principles to prepare for this Christmas?
Vastu can help you experience a peaceful, prosperous, and harmonious holiday season. How the science of Vastu affects the quality of your life can be compared to how an antenna affects the quality of your television reception. Vastu is like the antenna for the quality of your life. If you have poor reception due to ineffectual antennae, your picture will be distorted or come in unclear. Having good reception is like having good Vastu.
Similarly, when we plant a seed it takes all five elements to be in harmony for the seed to sprout, grow and be healthy. The proportion of too much or too little of any element, whether it is the quality of earth (soil pH), the amount of water, wind (air) or sun, will inhibit its growth. Just as the balance of the five elements affects success in nature, the balance inherent in our environment affects our success in the world. Vastu takes into account all influences to create an environment in harmony with nature that supports our quality of life, including our success.
Just as you clean your residence to welcome guests, you need to clear out all things from the past that are unessential or unnecessary to your future happiness and success. Your New Year should begin with enhancing the opportunities for prosperity to enter your life. Your connection to the supportive, life-enhancing energy will be strong and benefit you if the five elements in your home are balanced. When you balance your home with the forces of nature (the five elements being Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) through Vastu, you receive the best possible quality of life for The Holidays and beyond.


Here is what I recommend you to do:


Space Cleansing Ritual
After you have re-painted the house or cleaned it, perform a space clearing ritual. Dissolve a lump of rock salt in water and mop the floor of the apartment with this salt water. Take some camphor in a bowl, burn it and walk along the sides of each room of the house thereby allowing the space to be filled with the fragrance of camphor. Before performing these two steps, you can repeat a positive affirmation:  


“By performing this space clearing ritual, my house is freed from all negative energies and full of positivity. All the inmates of the house are leading a healthy, harmonious and prosperous life this Christmas and the full year ahead.

Alternately, to perform the Cleansing Ritual:
  • Stand in the center of a room, your home, or workspace.
  • Completely clear your mind of all thoughts.
  • Use a ‘singing bowl’ or ring a ‘seven-metal bell’ until you feel your entire space is one or infused with the sound of the singing bowl, or the ringing of the bells.
  • End the ceremony by lighting sandalwood incense in the space where you performed the ceremony and several other areas throughout your home.


Lights are a great way to provide decoration and are Vastu cures, too! For joyous celebrations, avoid blue lights in the South-East zone, but light some green and red bulbs here. Blue and green lights in the northern and white/yellow lights in the western zones are good.
Place candles, lights, and red decorations in the South-East area, which is associated with the ‘Fire’ element, to stimulate a sense of well-being. Scented candles of pine, vanilla, cinnamon, and cranberry are festive scents for harmonious holiday gatherings.
A bowl of water with flowers floating in it (or a punch bowl) placed in the North-East area of the room you use for entertainment will encourage a prosperous New Year.


De-clutter your House
Space clearing ritual removes all negative energies from the space and it can be performed even if you have not re-painted the house on Christmas. Along with re-painting and space clearing do not forget to remove all clutter from the house. Just as you clean your residence to welcome guests, you need to clear out all things from the past that are unessential or unnecessary to your future happiness and success. Clear the North-East zone of all clutter, and keep your gods and worship-related items here. Furthermore, meditation in this zone will ensure divine grace flows through your house and your body, gifting you with clarity and good health. Your New Year should begin with enhancing the opportunities for prosperity to enter your life. Clutter creates stress, drags your energy down, and limits your ability to be productive and make lucrative financial decisions. We suggest beginning this Holiday Season by clearing the clutter and see how new opportunities appear in your life in 2015.
Resolutions for a prosperous New Year should start with clearing the clutter in your home!  


 If you’d like to activate and energize your career this year try this simple change to get the energy moving. Expand your career and career opportunities with flowing water. This can be either a fountain or image of flowing water. Place it in the career area (North-East) of your home.


Inner Knowledge
To strengthen your connection to your inner guidance and encourage new ideas place a plant in the Inner Knowledge area (South-West) of your home. Plants are a source of vibrant, healthy energy and they attract positive energy. They literally support the energy that ‘grows’ within you; ideas, wisdom and knowledge.


Family and Foundation
Strengthen your family ties with the movement and energy of sound. Hang a lovely wind chime in the Family and Foundation area of your home, as you hang the chime envision each movement sending gentle, supportive energy embracing your family with love. Keep a framed picture of your family in the South-West, as it will strengthen bonds of love and affection. 


Activate and energize abundance in your life by placing a mirror in the wealth area (North) of your home. Mirrors enlarge and expand the space they are in, attracting energy and doubling it! This New Year, if you plan to invest in property tries to buy a Vastu compliant one. Higher gains are the result. Pay attention to adjacent roads and slopes. If the plot is for commercial use, then, choose it according to its intended purpose.


Fame and Reputation
Improve and enhance your reputation by adding bright light to the fame area (West) of your home. A proper utilization of westerly portion of plot leads to reputation, fame, prosperity and success for the owner. Light represents fire energy, imagine your reputation growing brighter and stronger each time you turn on the light!


Empower your relationship by moving your bedroom into either the back right or back left corner of your home (assuming your bedroom is not already located in either position). If your bedroom is already in one of the power corners (South-West) of your home, enhance it further by placing your bed in the command position (solid wall behind the headboard, with full view of the bedroom door and the room around you. Earth element decorations such as, holly, wreaths, wood figurines, or ceramics (such as the Dove of Peace) work best in the South-West area of your gathering area to support family harmony. Hang bells and chimes in the North-West area, related to the ‘Air’ element, to enhance joyous relationships.


Creativity and Children
Awaken the energy of creativity with a metal wind chime. Envision each ripple of sound energizing and enhancing creativity and supporting and nurturing a childlike sense of wonder and joy.


Helpful People
Create a helpful people box and fill it with the names and or images of helpful people in your life. If you desire more helpful people in your life, write an affirmation to draw helpful people to you. As you place the affirmation in the box, picture the energy of the affirmation flowing from your home, increasing your connections, networking opportunities and friends. Place your gifts in the eastern zone for better social connectivity.


Reduce and clear all clutter from the Center (‘Brahmasthan’) of your home. When the Center is clear, the energy of health is strengthened. Keep the Center space element area open and uncluttered to support stress-free communication and encourage the success of your holiday gatherings.


“Welcome the New Year as an Honored Guest and visualize that you are washing away, sweeping away any illness, quarrels, stress, disappointments or any negative energies from the past year. Use Vastu and have a Happy New Year 2015 with Good Health, Wealth, Happiness, Love and Peace.”


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